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Know Yourself #3

I frequently encounter a question from my friends. They say, “Buddhism also talks about Oneness, different philosophies also talk about Oneness, Quantum Physics talks about Oneness, and so on. So if the Oneness Islam talks about is the same as the Oneness in other teachings, what does it matter which you choose to follow?” I want to pass this question on to you.

To know Oneness is the aim, but it’s not the final aim. It actually begins after one understands Oneness. The whole deal begins after discerning the Oneness of existence.

So the point isn’t to know that it’s all One. 

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01:05 No, not at all. That’s already a given, science has already proven that by determining the quantum dimension of existence. It is now scientifically evident that there is no ‘multiplicity’ and what seems to be ‘many’ is only a quality of ‘perception’.

02:08 So if existence is One, then it is very important for man to know himself.

03:03 The conscious being called ‘man’, not the body but the conscious being, is an immortal being.

03:29 The quantum brain potentially possesses all of the qualities of the Names. And since man is this quantum brain, he is said to be the vicegerent. That’s why man is Hayy, immortal.

04:46 Let me put it in simple terms: Man came into existence, if he engages in certain beneficial practices he will develop certain forces, and thus attain certain blessing in the life after death.” The practices we call ‘prayer & worship’...

05:49 But this is not my objective I’m trying to interpret these metaphoric/symbolic expressions to help you realize what they actually mean, as much as I can decipher them, as much as Allah allows me.

06:46 There are already innumerous people on earth who are currently living a life of hell. This is because they do not know themselves! The pivotal and critical point is for one to know himself.




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