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The Brain and The Mechanics Of Prayer

Thus we addressed this topic too… As this is a recording I should make a statement: We frequently get together with a few friends here in our town, and have conversations, sometimes everyday, sometimes a few days in a week.

Our endeavor is to keep up to date with the latest scientific findings, medical developments, and all the technological advancements in the world, to discern how they complement the teachings of the Quran and Rasulallah saw to understand what the metaphorical and symbolic explications of that era were actually alluding to in today’s discoveries, which realities were they intended to symbolically represent… This is what I’ve dedicated my life to ..

My intention is not to be anybody’s sheikh or a guru or mahdi i.e. spiritual leader or savior. Thankfully we are self-sufficient, we have no needs.

Until today we didn’t collect a penny from anyone.

We didn’t collect charity. We didn’t form a foundation or a community, we stayed away from the public as much as possible.

I can very comfortably admit that

I have lived my whole life independently.

I am not part of any organization, or spiritual order or community, I am not a member of any association or institute, I have no ties to any society or establishment.

I have no ties whatsoever, in fact I hate the idea of being tied up so much that all of my shoes are moccasins, even my shoes don’t have any shoelaces. I detest the idea of being tied up.

I have always lived a free life and preserved my freedom of thought.

This said  my freedom of speech is impeded, as I cannot freely share my knowledge as people aren’t at the level to understand this knowledge.

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02:20 I say there is no material thing in existence… existence, by its essence and origin, is the manifestation of the Allah’s “knowledge” and “power” attributes. Today we call this “energy” or “data” or even “knowledge”.

05:07 The knowledge of the Quran, according to my understanding, cannot be used as a commercial merchandise for worldly profit. Those who do use the Quran to make worldly gains offit will be accountable and unable to carry this burden this is how I see it…

07:57 So if you make a prayer, your prayer will definitely be responded to. There are no conditions in regards to time or place… Every prayer will most definitely get a response.

09:56 Allah has created you on earth as a vicegerent, so in order to bring out and experience your vicegerency make this prayer and engage in this kind of worship. 

11:44 Every prayer generated by the brain will be re-inputted to the brain as feedback, hence getting a “response” i.e. your sustainer will respond to your prayers. It isn’t possible to think of the contrary!

14:26 Before beginning to pray, take care to repent first by confessing your wrongdoings and mistakes, , as much as you’re aware of them. 

17:34 When you say O Allah, I engaged in treachery or hypocrisy or I lied etc. that information is released by the brain then received again as feedback. This data, upon re-entering the brain, obstructs and inhibits the activities of the brain that are related to the formation of these wrongdoings, this is a mechanism of the brain.



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