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The Difference of Muhammad (saw)

Translated & Narrated by Aliya Atalay

The One denoted by the name Allah was disclosed to us by Muhammad (saw) who, rather than a prophet, was the Rasul of Allah!

What was his exception? How was he different to previous Rasuls?

Abraham (as), Moses (as) and Jesus (as) were all Rasuls of Allah too…

Why is it compulsory to confirm the Risalah of Muhammad (saw)?

Why is it implied that if we accept and confirm all other Rasuls but deny Muhammad (saw) we will lose everything?

As the last and final Nabi, and the servant and the Rasul of Allah, Muhammad (saw) had a uniquely distinctive role to Abraham (as), who brought the concept of ‘Hanif’, and Moses (as), who conveyed tanzih (incomparability) and Jesus (as) who taught tashbih (similarity). Distinctive to all these, Muhammad (saw) adjoined tashbih and tanzih and proposed the ultimate: tawhid (unity).

Muhammad (saw) READ the sunnatullah, and through verses and hadith he informed people about everything they need to know based on this system.

Those who claim: “There is no need for hadith, the Quran is sufficient” neither understand the Quran, nor evaluate the signs pertaining to the One whose name is Allah, nor do they understand the functions of Rasul and Nabi!

They still imagine a great God in the distant space who sends commands via His winged angels to His postman-prophets on earth! They have no idea about who Muhammad (saw) is or what his function is. They do not recognize Muhammad’s (saw) disclosure of the magnificent sunnatullah, the mechanics of the universal system that embodies the whole of mankind...

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