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Misconceptions On The Islamic Way Of Life (Sunnah)

Is the Islamic way of life about beards, headscarves and turbans, and dress codes?

What could the Sunnah of Allah’s Rasul really be about?

What exactly is the Islamic way of life, the Sunnah of Allah, or ‘sunnatullah’?

For some, it means an Islamic lifestyle based on growing a beard, having a moustache, and wearing a white dress and turban!

Following the Rasul of Allah, for these people, means to employ the dress code of 1,400 years ago, and to apply the customs and traditions of that century! These are the Muslims who claim wearing short-sleeved shirts makes one a blasphemer (qafir)!

It was this very understanding that martyred Hadhrat Ali, the pinnacle of sainthood (wilayah), the ‘door to knowledge’! This is the kind of understanding that labeled Hadhrat Ali as being blasphemous and anti-religious!

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03:28 I mention this because I had thoroughly researched the lifestyle of that time, reading approximately 60 thousand authentic hadith as reference.

04:35 At 39, as the Rasul of Allah, he became aware of the universal reality. When three years later, his Nubuwwah was activated through revelations, he was able to teach the requirements of eternal life. During this time, he changed neither his beard, nor the way he dressed!

07:00 A person who is guided to the reality by Allah may still continue to comply with the customs and traditions of their community, without following them in matters concerning sunnatullah; they can continue to share knowledge regarding matters about which they have received guidance! 

09:45 To follow the Sunnah of Allah’s Rasul is to share the knowledge he has been endowed with, without expecting anything in return! It is not to distract people with stories of clothing and attire!

12:09 One who has a discrepancy or a contradiction in their system of thought does not comprehend religion, fails to READ the mechanism and lives only as an imitator of the system in which they live. Religion does not accept imitation!

15:02 What is the true understanding of religion introduced with the creed “There is no God or godhood besides the One denoted by the name Allah (La ilaha illa Allah)”?

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