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From God to Allah

Translated & Narrated by Aliya Atalay

From a God who thinks like a man, to a man who thinks like Allah!

For centuries after centuries, mankind has found solace in the idea of idolizing and deifying an all-powerful being with whom refuge can be sought against the many calamities and events that leave mankind helpless and impotent.

This process of deification and seeking salvation and success from an outside source, has led mankind to turn towards numerous concepts of god/s with the hope of having their dreams and desires met. As such, various objects that were thought to be powerful enough to have the capacity to meet their demands were deemed as gods, and hence began the period of idolatry.

At first, the gods were identified from among certain stones, plants and animals on earth. However, once their mortal nature was recognized, and as Prophets and Rasuls came time and time again pointing to the absurdity of deifying these earthly objects, man gave up on earthly gods and turned his gaze towards the heavens. This time, deifying certain heavenly objects or stars with specific influences as gods.

Whenever man encountered an object or event that he could not solve or comprehend, it became a mysterious power for him, to which he eventually associated a concept of godhood. This concept of an earthly or heavenly god falls into direct contradiction with scientific knowledge and is nothing but postulation. The Quran rejects this assumption that goes against verified knowledge with its ‘kalima-i tawhid’ (The Word of Unity), ‘there is no god’.

Man imprisoned himself in a cocoon when he idolized fire and heavenly bodies, all in supposition of a ‘god’. In time and with conditionings from the environment, he began to lead a life completely devoid of contemplation. Enslavement was the price of this ignorance; he became a slave to his gods and this dependence became his reassurance.

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