Why Salat?

We have been addressed as ‘humans’…

What exactly is a human though? To what does the word ‘human’ actually refer?

I covered this topic in detail in Know Yourself and Purification of Consciousness so I will omit the detail here…

Briefly, however, I would like to share what I believe salat is, why it has been offered to man, and why it is compulsory…

Recent technological advancements have spawned some profoundly incredible robots. Also recently, the movies ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘I, Robot’ were screened depicting robots with emotions…

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02:10 So, what distinguishes us from a robot? Do we know our difference?

03:33 So what is the experiential reality of salat?

05:51 So, if no form of prayer is done for a God ‘out there’, then why pray at all? What is the presence of Allah? What does it mean to be in Allah’s presence? What are we to gain from engaging in such practices?

07:38 Prayer is the activation of the structural qualities pertaining to Allah in order to achieve one’s wish!

10:39 The word ‘hamd’ in al-Fatiha is used to denote ‘evaluation.’ So “hamd belongs to Allah” actually means “evaluation and appraisal belongs to Allah.”

14:03 Rahim is the creator of the mechanism through which this is systematically achieved! The word Rahim is an Arabic word by origin, which literally means womb.

16:30 Needless to say, our understanding of Allah, religion and sunnatullah as expounded by Muhammad (saw) seriously needs to be updated in light of our understanding and comprehension today.

18:50 We ask to be guided and directed to the path of those who have been given ‘inam’, that is, those who have been enabled to experience the realities within their essence.

19:52 I believe it is a good idea to reconsider the meaning of the words of Allah’s Rasul: “The deeds between two salats will be forgiven” and try to discern why this may be so...

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