Reading the Rasul of Allah

Translated & Narrated by Aliya Atalay

Surely the importance of READing the Quran can’t be stated enough … But how about READing the Rasul of Allah (saw) who disclosed the Quran? How much of the Quran can we actually read without READing the Rasul of Allah (saw)?

In general, people, or Muslims, are not concerned with READing the Rasul of Allah (saw). They see him as one of the chosen postmen delivering information and commands from Sirius, the star on which God resides, via the courier Gabriel (!). Commands to which they unquestionably comply in order to save themselves from the suffering of hell in the future and secure their parcel in paradise!

Imagine that… An imaginary god reigning down orders, a courier-like messenger passing those orders onto the people, and the people being forced into complying, lest they get beaten, punished and executed by those who are trying to be more royalist than the assumed king… People being judged, killed or even forced into marriage in the name of this king-god…

There is no such prophet of god on earth in whom the great majorities delusively believe!

On the one hand, alternating between fear and hope, they try to obey these commands, yet on the other, they persistently try to find loopholes and ways to allow the pursuit of worldly pleasures. Such people do not question, research or contemplate. It never crosses their mind to ask why and how things are the way they are! They simply accept and believe they’ll go to heaven if they obey or to hell if they don’t!

What kind of hell? What kind of paradise? Obviously, they don’t think about such things… The “prophet” said so, that’s all that matters!

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