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Holographic Universe Of Your Mind/Soul Emanating From The Quantum Potential

From the moment we are born, we are conditioned to think and believe that the external physical world in which we live and move is reality. Reality according to this conditioning is that everything around us exists in its physical form. Whereas science has demonstrated as an irrefutable fact that reality is formed by our senses and is the translation of the input of our senses in our brain.

The fact is that what we perceive as reality portrayed by our eyes, is nothing more than a light wave frequency that reflects from any object, passes through the retina and travels from the eye to the brain. Our sense of scent and hearing work the same way. A scent passes through the nose via nasal receptors and to the brain as an electrical frequency, just as a sound travels through the ear to the brain as an electrical frequency.

Frequencies of all kinds know- some of which  originate from objects or beings that are not yet known to us,  reach the brain the same way.

The brain converts all these waves within itself and portrays the images that we see.

These facts lead to the conclusion that  everything we see, smell and hear, without exception and is nothing else  than what is called a multi-dimensional holographic world.

Do these images we perceive  exist outside our created multi-dimensional holographic world?

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02:47 However none of the objects that exist on the outside exist in their original form in my mind.

03:48 So in the holographic world in my mind you all exist as a sort of video album of individual frames created by electrical frequencies.

06:34 My struggle, my happiness, my anger and my sadness are all with a specific video album. At times the video albums in my library are the source of my suffering and I torture myself with my anger desires or sadness.

09:34 You live in the holographic world in your brain. In fact there is more to it than just this. It has a dark side as well.

12:56 The frequencies of waves that are transmitted from the eye to the brain range between 4000 and 7000 Angstrom. In the same manner that light emits a frequency that we can detect sound also emits a frequency range. The human ear can detect vibrations which pas through our ear drums ranging from 16 to 16.000 Hz. Other frequencies that exist are radar frequencies, AM frequencies, FM frequencies, etcetera. How do these frequencies exist?

17:08 In fact there are no different dimensions. Originally there is only ONE configuration and  ONE dimension. This dimension can be described as an ocean of frequencies. This ocean of frequencies is broken down into infinite number of frequency ranges, combinations and configurations. This is what we mean when we say 'I'.

22:09 In reality however your gut brain is pushing and even commanding you what to do. The second brain has you fulfil its wishes and desires based on the pre-conditioning and biases that have formed in the primary brain.

25:49 This questioning of yourself, although you are still under the control of the second brain, will eventually open new dimensions within your mind. To find the answers to these questions you have two paths that you can follow...

28:43 We exist in a world of pictures, and we live submerged with infinite albums made up of pictures. In the meantime we live ignorant of both this fact and the fact that our lives are being directed by our second brain. An interesting fact is that there are three core structures in the brain.

33:17 The amygdala controls our fears, our animal instincts and our emotions. In other words in controls emotions that are linked to our view of our body. The third and most important and most researched structure of the brain is the prefontal cortex.

40:29 How could a heavenly existence be described? Those whose existence is a state of heaven have each and every wish fulfilled instantly. Such power can only exist through the unfolding of Allah's characteristics through you.

43:20 When the quality of life and power are manifested in your essence and life you realize that you are immortal and when you realize your mortal self which is your body loses its meaning like salt melting in water. Thus you will be set be free from being a slave of this..

45:29 And if not----driven by your body's needs and desires you will eat, drink, love, be loved reproduce and after a while you will pass away and become dust.

47:11 So it is important that one truly grasps this system. This system was understood, hundreds in fact thousands of years ago. The knowledge of which we speak today was first shown to us by the manifestation of highly developed brain qualities of the Prophet and his spiritual followers.

48:52 You practice his doctrines without understanding the mechanism... and you live the results of your actions.

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