20. Ta-Ha

Rabbi ishraḥ lee ṣadree wa yassir lee amree (Quran 25-26)

My Rabb, expand my consciousness (so that I may digest these and apply their requisites). Ease my task for me.


This is a part of Moses’ (as) prayer. It has been seen that repeating it 300 times a day lifts grief away, enables assimilation and facilitates things to run smoothly in one’s life.

When 300 repetitions of the verse ‘Alam nashrah laka sadrak’ is also added to this the effect is amplified and results are seen quicker.

Anyone who complains of inner distress, introversiveness, restlessness or depression should also add 1,800 repetitions of the name Basit.

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By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. O man (pure Muhammadan consciousness, the original Self metaphorically described as the totality of the Names taught to Adam and the Spirit that was blown into Adam)!

2. We did not reveal the Quran for you to be miserable.

3. It (the revealed knowledge) is only a reminder (of its reality) to a consciousness that is open to awe (perceptive to the might of Allah)!

4. It is sent down in parts from the creator of the earth (body) and the great heavens (the forms and levels of consciousness manifesting from the dimension of Names).

5. Rahman is established on the Throne (Rahman established His sovereignty by creating the worlds [the existential world created by the potential of the Names inherent in one’s brain] with His Names, i.e., in the quantum potential, Rahman observes His knowledge through His knowledge).

6. Whatever is in the heavens (consciousness) and the earth (manifest action) and everything in between (in one’s imagination) and beneath the earth (the depths of his body) is for Him (for the manifestation of His Names).

7. And if you speak your thoughts (or conceal them) know that indeed He knows the secret (in your consciousness) and what is even deeper (the actual Names that compose it).

8. It is Allah! There is no deity-god, only HU! The Beautiful Names belong to Him (He creates what He wills with those qualities)!

9. Has the story of Moses reached you?

10. How he (Moses) saw a fire and said to his people, “Stay here, indeed I have sensed fire... Perhaps I will bring you an ember from it or find a guide near that fire.”

11. When he came close (to the fire) he perceived a calling, “O Moses.”

12. “Indeed, I am your Rabb! Take off both your sandals (let go of your physical and mental conditionings and remain as pure consciousness) for you are indeed in your sacred valley of Tuwa!”

13. “I have chosen you! So, perceive the knowledge that is being revealed!”

14. “Indeed, I am Allah! There is no deity-god, only Me! So serve Me (by manifesting the qualities of My Names)! And experience salat to remember Me!”

15. “Indeed, the hour (of death) will come... But I will keep its time hidden so that everyone will see and experience the consequences of their own deeds.”...

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