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How the Jinn Control Humans Without Their Knowledge

As previously mentioned, there are two ways in which the jinn rule humans:

a) By taking advantage of the religion of Islam…  

b) By diverting humans to humanistic causes… 

The most obvious difference between these two is that the first does not accept the concept of reincarnation whereas the second one does…

I will cover the topic on reincarnation in detail in the following chapters so I won’t go into detail here other than for the purpose of clarifying our current topic. 

Let us first examine how they exploit Islam to rule over people…

This too takes place in two ways:

1. By not letting themselves be known at all

2. Letting themselves be known under a different name and form

 First, let us take a look at how they can possess and rule people without revealing themselves…

The most common trait of those who fall under this category is that they have no idea of their connection with the jinn. They simply assume that all the extraordinary experiences they have are the result of their own superior qualities. Due to this they spend their lives looking down upon others, showing fake modesty when necessary.

In one of his books Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi states that the most important characteristics of such people is that even though they do not have sufficient knowledge or own any valuable works, they belittle others and constantly assert their superiority. 

In addition to this, the second most prominent characteristic of these people is that they do not accept the existence of the jinn, claiming “There is no such thing as jinn, the jinn are simply microbes” …

Paradoxically, they make such claims due to the ideas imposed upon them by the very jinn they deny!

This is a smart tactic applied by the jinn so as to prevent people from questioning their state and eventually finding out about the existence of the jinn, for this would indeed be disadvantageous for them!

Purely for this reason all those who are possessed by the jinn deny their existence based on absurd explanations. 

So how do the jinn manage to possess these people?

Such deception generally takes place by someone going into trance and a jinn claiming through them, “I am the spirit of Rumi!” or “I am such and such master/sheikh/guru” or the pen starts to write by itself “I am such and such great person” etc. 

Sometimes the jinn actually takes the form of that person and becomes visible in their appearance. There are other ways but these are the most common.

For example, the person in trance says, “I am the spirit of Rumi” and salutes the people there and then starts talking in a sophisticated language. 

When examined one may see that the speech really is different than the usual speech capacity of the person in trance… Hence, ignorant of the existence of the jinn, the people there automatically believe that they are actually in contact with Rumi or the spirit of some great saint!

Considering the fact that the majority of the people in today’s world have no knowledge on the jinn, and the attractiveness of hidden/mysterious phenomenon, it becomes pretty believable…

Think of someone who goes into a trance in front of you and then starts saying things that have absolutely no coherence to how this person acts and talks in normal life, and to top it off, they say things about you and your past that only you know about!

Hence, slowly but surely the people witnessing this start believing that they are actually in contact with a great saint.… All of these people usually have a common trait. Generally, they are all sincere, devout people with good intentions who are sad about not being able to fulfill the requisites of their religious belief and who are looking for ways of salvation, but who on the other hand, have close to no religious knowledge…

Eventually this ‘being’ starts to appear in the dreams of the people that gather around him and starts to reveal some of their private issues, further strengthening their tie to him through emotional exploitation…

In time he tells the people that no “revitalizer” (mujaddid) is expected to come and that people are going to receive guidance through channels like this…and then guides the people to do certain things…

He tells them to pray, give alms, fast, engage in good deeds and abstain from the bad, hence triggering their humanistic qualities and fortifying their connection… This is the first stage!

In the second stage however, he puts forward his devilish act. He starts imposing distorted information, things that can only be understood by those who have solid religious knowledge. And this is where the real game starts. 

He makes some people believe in the concept of Wahdat-al-Wujud (Unity of Existence)! However, what he really guides to under this label is not the true understanding of the oneness of the existence, but rather ‘PANTHEISM’. It has nothing to do with the Unity of the Existence! By doing so, he makes them believe that they themselves are ‘Allah’

Or, he wrongly narrates quotes and gives examples from Rumi, or other popular saints and scholars, to assert the concept of reincarnation; the belief of coming back to the world after death in another body…

Hence, he starts misguiding people to incorrect beliefs. 

The truth is, anybody with proper religious knowledge observing them closely can easily detect all the details that go against Islam. On the other hand, deceiving by using a pencil is a much more simple method than what we have already described above. 

With this method, the individual never sees the being that is in contact with him. 

He simply holds the pencil on a paper and the pencil starts to write by itself. 

At first, the being uses a nickname, for example he makes the pencil write: 

‘I am Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi! You, the blessed person, the traveler embarking on the sacred road to Allah, I salute you!’ 

This astonishes the individual who is doing the act of writing, the being then continues until eventually the pencil gets used to writing all by itself!

The pencil writes that whoever is holding it is a noble person, one of the leading saints of that time, and provides lots of convincing evidence that he is actually a saint. 

The being carries on with the act of writing, giving answers to the questions crossing the individual’s mind. 

In the beginning, the person does not know what the pencil will write. However, when he starts to pay more attention, he realizes that before the pencil actually writes anything down, the words and the short sentences first come to his mind. 

Following this, the jinn with a nickname makes him write poems, books and starts telling him about the activities carried out by various people in the past. Meanwhile, in order to gain the confidence of the individual, the jinn makes some predictions for the future. 

Let us give an example to illustrate this point: 

Couple of years ago in Ankara, a jinn came to a meeting where a group of people were present and he introduced himself as: 

‘The angel named Basheer-al Kiraam!’ 

He then made some future predictions, summarized as follows: 

“The starting date of the third world war will be around the years 1974-75 at which time Israel will defeat the Arabs and expand its lands reaching the Turkish borders. Turkey will manage to survive the third world war with very few losses and around the year 1980, a person named Mahdi will appear in Turkey. According to this claim, the expected Mahdi will be someone who has reached the age of 50 with no special qualities and that he will be speaking through the mouth of an angel.”

We have already mentioned that by appearing in the image of the saints and then becoming visible to the individual in that form, the jinn can deceive that individual and tie him to themselves. 

Generally speaking, the individuals whom they deceive in this way are completely devoid of true religious knowledge. 

The person who is confronted with such a scene gets shocked at first. He has no other choice but to believe in the person in front of him who is dressed up in clothes resembling those of the olden days, wearing a gown and a turban. Helplessly, he believes! 

From then on, he starts doing whatever the jinn tells him to do. With all the things he hears and relays from that “being” he manages to gather a lot of people around him. However, the people around him cannot actually see what he can see. For this reason, they have to believe whatever he tells them. Eventually, some of those who are gathered around him start seeing that being in their dreams. 

Besides, from time to time the individual who is possessed by the jinn could actually show that being to his most loyal followers and thus form a group whose members are strongly attached to him. 

Meanwhile, the jinn will appear to that individual in different types of clothing and lead the person to believe he is making contact with different saints because he has been ‘enlightened’. On the other hand, sometimes the person may make his jinn appear as noble saints to his friends to fortify their attachment through deception.

As a matter of fact, some individuals who have been obsessed by a very strong jinn can make a number of jinn dressed as saints appear to the people around him, making them think he is an extremely important person for all these saints to be visiting him. 

This situation can go to such extents that in some cases, the person who is not fully aware that he is possessed and who thinks of himself as a very important person due to the ideas imposed upon him by the jinnactually thinks he is permitting other saints into his presence, whereby a door will open in the room, and two or three jinn dressed in old clothes will enter in the guise of very well-known saints of the past. 

You can imagine the awe and fascination of those witnessing this scene. There is no way for them to know whether who they are seeing are saints or jinn! They are simply shocked!

From that moment onwards, they are powerfully and loyally attached to that person as if he is a God. 

However, as we already pointed out before, whoever you meet among them, their common characteristic would always be to deny the existence of the jinn. 

The jinn that can possess humans can either be an ordinary type or it may be one of their superior ones such as their leaders. It may also be one of those who are well known in their group. 

A jinn generally chooses a teenager with a high brain capacity for communication skills and puts him among others who are already possessed by him! This generally occurs in people who are between the ages of 15-24. In some cases, however, it can take place at much younger ages. 

As soon as the choice has been made and the subject to be possessed is determined by the jinn, the next step is to attach the person to himself completely. 

To be able to achieve this, the jinn disguises himself as a well-known, respectable religious figure and goes into his dream, only to impose on the individual the idea that he is going to be a great, important person. 

The person that the jinn disguises himself under could either be ‘Hazrat Khalid’ or ‘Mawlana Jalaladdin Rumi’ or ‘Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi’ or any other saint who is well known in the society.

As a result of all these visions that are being shown to the individual, gradually this young person, whether male or female, believes that s/he really is going to be a very great person. 

Sometimes s/he wants to have something and their wish is immediately granted by jinn

He thinks that Allah has made his wish come true; unaware that it is the play of his jinn

When he has to sit an exam, for example, he is assisted in the examination. 

When he talks to someone, he gains superiority over the other person owing to the pressure that the jinn exerts on him. It seems as though others simply cannot resist him. 

As such, he starts to improve and grow by the day. 

As time goes on, he feels more and more changes in his condition. He is also informed of certain minor events that are to take place in the near future. If he is unaware of his connection with the jinn, he assumes that all these incidents take place by the faculty of his sixth sense. He may have instant knowledge about a particular event which might occur in another place at the same moment. 

He makes a request to solve somebody’s problem, for example, and that demand is immediately granted by his jinn. Because he assumes himself as a great man, he thinks his request is actually being granted by the help of Allah as he is a man with great wisdom. 

In the end, he claims that he has finally become an expert; a man with a great intellect in a certain field. He thinks that he no longer needs anybody else! He sees himself more superior than others! From this point on, he simply acts in accordance with the inspirations that he senses within himself. 

If his profession is in the field of theology for instance, he claims to be the greatest religious man in this field. 

If he has his own business, he spreads around the idea that he is the greatest saint of his time, namely the Qutub-ul-Aqtaab (Highest Ranking Saint). 

He may cure hopeless ailments and diseases by using very simple medications; he may also make a diagnosis that could not be made, or make the paralyzed move and walk! 

Whatever his profession may be, he may display extraordinary activities, as a result of which, he may easily become very famous and gather thousands of followers around himself. 

Of course, those who have extensive knowledge on these matters can easily discern the reality of the situation. However, those who do not believe in such things may accuse him of being a charlatan, a magician or as someone dealing with witchcraft. On the contrary, those who believe in him will treat him as the greatest saint or even consider him to be at the same level as the Mahdi (The Messiah) or as Jesus (pbuh). 

Doubtlessly, at this point, the greatest pleasure and joy belongs to the jinn who has successfully managed to secure his subject. 

For now, through the jinn of that individualthousands of others have been connected to the assembly of the jinn, and they can do whatever they want to those people. Therefore, in order to strengthen the position of that certain individual, they can even access the dreams of some people for the purpose of establishing close relations with that person and suggest them to help him. 

At the same time, they can provide religious information to that particular individual and present him as a great religious man. So, those who are not aware of this choose him as a religious leader for themselves. 

From now on, that person starts to spread around fatwa (religious rulings) without making any reference to Islamic sources. He gives his verdict on some of the permissible (halal) things in Islam as if they were prohibited (haram). Furthermore, he starts to impose these ideas upon others in such a way so as to make others believe that he is a leader who is bringing along new rulings which are suitable to that time period. 

As a result, the individual eventually gathers a lot of people around him and starts to live as if he were a reformer of religion (mujaddid) and an Islamic scholar. Meanwhile, the jinn who has possessed him establishes his supremacy over him! This jinn who has been successful in doing this is honored among his kind and his competitors.

Even though there are such examples in Turkey, we are not going to place an emphasis on them here and instead we will illustrate the point we have mentioned above by an example and taking some sections from Ahmad Qadian’s life.

The best example on the face of this planet confirming what we have mentioned above is from Ahmad Qadiani who established the Qadian sect and who lived his life in connection with the jinn. According to his life story, which he himself has written, he was born in a town called Qadian in India. 

He learned that his family originated from Samarkand by means of unveiling (Kashf). In terms of his character, he was a sensitive person who isolated himself from others and preferred to remain in seclusion. 

From time to time, he would stay alone by himself to perform certain practices to discover the true meaning of his origin or ‘self’. 

According to his narration, on one particular day, he suddenly hears a mysterious voice; a kind of voice which could only be heard by him. 

This mysterious voice informs him that his father will die on that very day after the call for the evening prayer. 

Upon hearing this, he becomes extremely frightened and feels very sad. Amidst this fear and sorrow the voice comes again: ‘Is Allah not sufficient for His servant?’ And his father really dies late that afternoon. 

Ahmad Qadiani explains as follows: 

“Afterwards, I’ve heard that voice many more times. It was that voice which taught me many things! It introduced me to the world and made me famous! As I was poor and in need, that voice provided me with plenty of richness so that I could perform good deeds help those in a charitable way!” 

In time the jinn would establish a secure connection with Ahmad Qadian and eventually direct him towards some wrong beliefs, but for the most part he is convinced that he is being guided by the divine:

“I have no doubt that the voices that came to my ears are of a divine nature. Because, if I had been fooled by the Satan the evilness in me would have become manifest, which I would have definitely noticed. Sometimes I could hear words from afar while at other times the words came out of my own mouth, but I was not the one who said them. 

This happened to such an extent that sometimes I could even speak in different languages of which I had no prior knowledge. 

I do not believe that an ordinary spirit or spirits possessed me by entering inside of me. 

This is something quite different! But in what way is it different? All I know is that it feels different and this is enough for me and those who are connected to me!” 

Finally, he comes out one day and claims: 

‘LA ILAHA ILLALLAH, MUHAMMADAN RASULULLAH! (There is no god only Allah, Muhammad is the Rasul of Allah) I am the Messiah, the son of Mary who fills the heart of Muhammad with his love, the last and greatest of all the Rasuls.

No other Rasul or Nabi other than Muhammad will come, but only one individual will have the privilege to attain his honorable rank. That individual is me! Ahmad of Qadian has become a Nabi (Messenger) without causing any harm to his master Muhammad whose rank is “Khatam-ul- Nabi” (Seal of the Nabis) and he has received a sacred duty from Allah!” 

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian died after the First World War. He manifested a lot of signs, which were referred to as miracles. 

Thousands of people got connected to him by their dreams. Those who stayed close to him for a period of forty days received divine signs and cleared themselves from all their denials. He was able to cure the paralyzed by a few strokes of the hand and the ill simply by saying a few words. These are some of his so-called miracles, which occurred on a regular basis. Moreover, some people who refused to accept him and who argued with him eventually ended up dying, which made his fame spread even more. 

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian claimed that he was the Mahdi (the Messiah) and said that Jesus (pbuh) who is expected to return to the world in the last era and the Mahdi were the same person. In the end, he claimed to be this particular individual. If we examine this event more realistically, it can be seen that he did this in order to spread Islam. There is no wonder that in doing so, he was successful to a certain extent. However, when the matter is examined in depth, it could be seen that the jinn who initially managed to make a single person dependent on them, used that person again, so that thousands of other individuals also became dependent on them through that person. In order to achieve this task more efficiently, they used Islam as a tool. 

As Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi states in his book ‘Futuhut al-Makkiyya’ (Meccan Revelations), the most significant feature that is observed on the people who have been possessed by the jinn is an accented ego and ‘pride’. 

In general, such people consider themselves to be the most superior person of their times. In fact, they even claim to be the most important and high ranked religious person to come after Muhammad (saw), the final Nabi.

According to a group of the Islamic society, ‘Mahdi’ is the name given to the religious leader who is expected to appear in the world one or two hundred years before the actual doomsday, and who is expected to possess extraordinary powers and cause Islam to spread all over the world! 

The jinn have misguided many individuals into thinking they are the awaited ‘Mahdi’, who in turn deceived many people in their surroundings.


Let us now examine how the jinn deceive individuals by channeling them towards humanistic goals in the name of “spiritualism.”

A new trend started to become popular in Turkey as of the 1940’s called spiritualism. Although it was Dr. Bedri Ruhselman who made it widespread, it was actually Garbis Fikri, the owner of the Gayret Library who initially introduced the subject to Turkey. 

In the introduction section of Garbis Fikri’s “Encyclopedia of Spiritualism” it says:

“It was 37 years ago from today that I published a two-volume book in our country for the first time, named ‘Communicating with the Jinn - Spiritualism - Faqirism – Magnetism’ as well as a magazine titled ‘Spiritualism’ comprised of 15 fascicules which had a remarkable impact on the society. 

Recently, I have published the 3-volume book ‘The Spirit and the Universe’ written by Bedri Ruhselman. Following this, I have published another book from Bedri Ruhselman called ‘Among the Spirits’. Last of all, I have published ‘The Encyclopedia of the Spirit’ prepared by Dr. Sevil AKAY and Ishak Lütfi Kuday, which was the outcome of a long research giving extensive information about all the branches of Spiritualism.’ 

So, this is how the movement of ‘Communicating with the Spirits’ in Turkey started. 

However, as Garbis Fikri of Armenian origin states, at the beginning this event was known as ‘Communicating with the Jinn’. In time it was disguised and presented to the people as ‘Communicating with the Spirits’. After the 1960’s, it was changed to ‘Making contact with Extraterrestrials’.


In order to dominate people who either have no connection to the religion of Islam or who are Muslim only in label and are far from practicing the requisites of Islam, the jinn take advantage of humanistic ideas.

They present various rules and rituals to reach the state of a ‘perfect human’ and invite all humans to this state. 

In this manner, the jinn manage to gather many humans around themselves and spread out many humanistic ideas. 

In such meetings, a person is usually hypnotized and put to sleep, or in other words goes into a state of trance and makes a connection with a ‘spirit’.

A group of people come together in a room, the lights are dimmed and a blue or red light with a low voltage is used. 

Then, a person who has psychic qualities is put into a trance mode by the suggestions made by the group. 

In reality, this activity is carried out solely for the purpose of making the subject sleep so that the effect of the ‘human consciousness’ over the body can be completely lifted and made ineffective. 

The individual who has been put to sleep then starts saying things like: 

“I’m gradually rising higher and higher... I am now passing through the clouds… I’ve now started to see such and such things in front of me…”

Then, he starts to talk with those entities that he is seeing. Following this, those that he is seeing ask for permission to talk. In this manner, the conversation with the spirit of so and so person begins. 

However, all of this is nothing other than a game put on stage by the jinn who is already in direct contact with the people that are present there. In reality, the person who has been put into a state of trance and is sleeping has not even moved a millimeter from where he was when he slept. 

As for what is really taking place behind the scenes:

Soon after that person goes to sleep, in other words the human consciousness dominating the ‘brain’ and the ‘physical body’ becomes inactive, the jinn whose frequency is the closest to the frequency of the person sleeping takes over the scene and makes contact with the individual. 

At the onset, this jinn sends signals to the brain of the person whose acting as an adaptor to influence the section in the brain that is connected to speech. As a result, the jinn is able to address the people there from within the mouth of that person.

Since the people there can’t see anything, they think the claims of the sleeping person such as “I’m going to that place, I’m talking to that person” are in fact true. 

In reality, nobody has gone anywhere! 

On one hand, there is a human being who is put to deep sleep and is thus unable to control his conscious mind and on the other hand, there is a jinn who has taken control of the brain of the this individual to deceive the people there. 

From this point on the effect of the game depends on the strength and capacity of the jinn.

If the jinn is a clever one, he can take this opportunity to easily influence and possess the people there.

Inadvertently, the people who are present there will do whatever the jinn tells them to, because there is a being who is communicating with them by addressing each one of them with their innermost secrets, yet this being cannot be seen! Clearly, for those witnessing, denying this “seeming reality” would be complete foolishness because they are not aware of the reality of what is really taking place!

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