My dear friends,

Those who haven’t encountered others like me naturally ask me:

“What is your purpose, what are your expectations, what do you want to achieve?”

I don’t know how else to clarify this. Here is my answer:

None of my work is copyright restricted and I ask for no price for it. I freely share all of the knowledge on my site (www.ahmedhulusi.org) with the sole purpose of aiding a better understanding of the One denoted by the name Allah, as disclosed and expounded by Muhammad (saw), and a correct evaluation of religion based on this vision. All of my work can be freely read, listened to, watched, downloaded, reproduced (with the condition of citing the author and source) and distributed via individual and social mediums of communication over the internet or in other ways. The material cannot be reproduced for the purpose of selling without written consent. There is no recompense for the knowledge of Allah. My principle is to share freely, without any return, material or non-material.

I have no requests from anyone for my work and there will be no material inheritance left after me when I die either. For I have no foundation or organization; I do not collect any donations; I have no trusts or institutions!

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03:15 The black background of the front cover of my books represents darkness and ignorance, while the white color of the letters represents light and knowledge.

05:09 As such, the biggest gift one can give to humanity is knowledge that will aid in successfully acquiring a blissful afterlife. He who knows himself and Allah will be at peace with the whole of humanity, regardless of race, color, religion, language differences… he will embrace all of them with love and compassion, he will not deceive them.

06:30 Good days and bad days on earth will eventually come to pass, but an eternal life after the transformative event known as death…? 

08:32 Take ablution and perform two rakahs of salat in solitude, then make a prayer in prostration… Say: “O Allah! The Rabb of the Arsh, the Spirit, and all of the angels! I pray to you with the consciousness that I am nothing in your presence; I am inexistent!... I try my best to explain the magnificent truth to you as plainly and clearly as I possibly can but it seems the messages that are taken are very different. Here are two examples of which I have become aware...

16:29 My friends… Take this knowledge, use it and then leave me! You have no business with me, your business is with the most magnificent form of consciousness that has ever transpired on earth, Muhammad Mustapha (saw)!

18:27 Listen only to the Rasul of Allah (saw) and define the direction of your life based on his teachings alone. 

21:21 According to the Rasul of Allah (saw) one may pray wherever and whenever they like without having to put anyone in between themself and Allah! One is not bound by any fatwa, mufti, haji, hodja or sheikh! 

23:10 But if, on the other hand, this isn’t the era of the final Reviver but just the Reviver of this millennium… That is, is this period isn’t the one preceding the Doomsday of humanity… If all of the signs of the Doomsday are false, and the Dajjal (Antichrist) and Jesus are not to appear within the following years… 

26:20 My dear friends… After sharing the knowledge Allah has bestowed me for over 40 years since my first book in 1965, I now see that many of the concepts I introduced are now being embraced by many groups, from the fundamentalists to the new-agers and intellectualists, even if I am not referenced. I would like to share a final message with all the sincere and genuine researchers of religion...

28:02 A reform in understanding religion has already started to take place in our century. I am not referring to the localized efforts implemented by various communities. Such approaches are meaningless, religious groups or councils trying to reform religion by congregational attempts can never bring a true reform...

31:33 Let us be certain that faith does not tolerate imitation!

35:53 I pray that, for the sake of His beloved one, Muhammad Mustapha (saw), Allah blesses this humble servant and anyone who has listened, shared and contributed to the distribution of this knowledge, with the light of faith and ability, certainty (yakeen) of faith, and protection from all extremes! 


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