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Spirit of the Quran

Now, today, I want to focus on what the Quran is and I will emphasize on the spirit of Quran...

I have recently and frequently come across a judgemental question asked by people, opposed to Allah’s Rasul-Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and his informing Islam religion and Muslim people, and they asked this question probably because of not being able to read the spirit of Quran.

This judgemental question asked by those people is:

Hazrat Muhammad came as a prophet to a 5000 people-society of which a majority of them had primitive thinking capacity for the time they were living, about 1400 years ago. In this society, people buried their daughters alive into the earth because it was believed that women were a potential problem and a disgrace for their society. Women in that society were easily bought and sold as a trade article and were not accepted as a human being and obviously had no human rights within the society. So the questions and problems were shaped according to this society's level of understanding and these questions and problems were the basis to shape Quran.

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01:48 If Hazrat Muhammad had not been born in this area but in the North pole, the book that was informed during his prophethood would have been shaped according to Eskimo peopleís problems and questions which would have stemed from their social conditions, customs and traditions.

04:08 In my previous explanations, I have mentioned that in some parts of the Quran, some information originated by spiritual wisdom, called Nubuvvah, and some parts by the spiritual wisdom Risalah.

06:19 If we consider the statements of Nubuvvah which nurture the society, they are all aimed at verifying the woman rights, whom were not considered as human beings and were treated as commercial sex materials in those early periods.

08:54 In my point of view, it is a sign that women with respect to their advancement, will have equal rights with men. At least it has provided women a voice to their idea when they previously had no right to voice any idea and have been given the right of testimony with another woman, when no right for testimony was given before.

10:30 The Quran explains the system in terms of the conditions of afterlife and knowing the name referred to as Allah through Risalah on the other hand the Quran has improved and developed human rights as much as possible within the existing conditions of those days and has also set them as the bottom limit and has not prohibited the enhancement of them in the process of time through Nubuvvah.

12:54 What kind of life has the Quran revealed for mankind? What kind of qualities has the Quran revealed to inform people?

16:26 However, if a judge enforces a law not in accordance with the spirit of that law but in accordance with a shallow consideration, it is most likely to be a misjudgement.

18:50 After this point, according to the spirit of Islam and the spirit of the Quran, neither a person nor a society has the right to compel people to apply all these because everybody with their own logic and mind will evaluate these advises and apply whichever they like with their own freewill and will be faced with the consequences of their deeds.


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