The Crux

What is the crux of understanding the Universal System described as the ‘Religion of Islam’ and the answers to the questions “who and what am I?”

Why are these topics prone to so much misunderstanding?

Why do we get stuck on a frame or two, and fail to see the picture as a whole?

Why can’t we deservedly evaluate the Quran and observe it with all its lucidity?

These are the questions that emanate from thinking brains! Imitators, who follow blindly and unmindfully, have no such concerns!

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01:00 To rightfully understand and evaluate the teachings of Muhammad (saw) and the Quran we must be fully cognizant of the following two realities: 1. The universal aspect of the system 2. The aspect of the individual’s life within the system

04:48 Other than that there is no god or godhood, the reality what Muhammad (saw) tried to communicate to us was who and what the One whose name ‘Allah’ is! This is what the Quran elucidates! 

06:03 The absolute essence (dhat) of the universe exists with the absolute essence (dhat) of the Qayyum One! But the universe isn’t God!

08:08 Thus, every state of manifestation in the universe is present at a micro level within man. Man will know the universe to the degree he knows himself…

09:11 The universe exists with all the angels! Man exists with all the angels!

12:04 With the knowledge of the inspired self, the self will begin to develop a pharaoh-like identity and begin perceiving itself as perfect and everybody else as flawed, and in this state it will leave this world!

14:21 Everything the Quran expounds in regards to the One whose name is Allah should be evaluated in respect of both the universal aspect (i.e. in terms of the essence and consciousness of the universe) and the aspect pertaining to the existence denoted by the word ‘man’ and his reality! 

16:42 To sum it up: If we want to understand the Quran, first we must keep in mind that the Quran is not a book of commands sent by a God beyond. Then, with the conception that it is the book of the System of Allah, of ‘sunnatullah’ and the disclosure of the intrinsic qualities pertaining to the essence of man and the universe denoted by the name ‘Allah’, we may begin to walk on the path to maturity…

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