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Prologue to Decoding the Quran

Prologue decoding the QuranA Prologue to Decoding the Quran is bursting with invaluable preparatory information and wisdom, providing an optimal approach to reading the Quran. It provides a unique angle of perspective that sheds light into the concealed meanings behind the metaphors and examples in the Quran - for those blessed with free contemplative thought that is...

The Quran has come to man to inform them of the reality of their essence and the unity of all existence. Introductory Information to understanding the Quran provides us with the 'lens' through which we can decipher the intended messages conveyed through the verses.

The Names of Allah, more commonly known as the Divine Names or the Most Beautiful Names, are the loci of manifestation. They are the attributes and relations through which Divine Self-disclosure occurs and form the 'keys' to unlocking meaning in the verses that compose the Quran.

Each verse of the Quran, in respect of the metaphors and allegories it contains, signifies a various number of meanings. This prologue includes a compilation of verses that have been carefully selected by the author as an invitation to in depth consideration and contemplation.



Editorial Review:

A short introduction to the author's interpretation of the Muslim holy book, the Quran. The author has written a number of other books on "decoding" the Quran's meaning. Here he presents a brief overview of his theory, centered on his understanding of the meaning of the letter "B" as used in the Quran's text... After several introductory essays, he includes a list of all the Quranic names for God, with explanations of the meanings of each, and a selection of verses from the Quran... An intriguing overview of a unique approach to reading the Quran. - Kirkus Reviews

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