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Preface for Prologue to Decoding the Quran

The part mirrors the whole” (Muhammad saw)


“All information is stored in every volume of space” (Quantum mechanics & the Holographic Principle)



He who wants to observe the reality can do so even on a single verse… Whether that be a manifestation in worldly form or a literal verse encrypted in the Quran…  For just as the part contains the whole, a single verse can be a gateway into endless realizations, both inward and outward…


In this light, this tiny, yet very special selection and interpretation of verses by Ahmed Hulusi, released as a preliminary to Decoding the Quran, is like an invitation to man, to read and know himself… As only through a comprehensive knowledge of the self we have a real chance to know the One!


So let us forego our predetermined conditionings and read as though we are reading for the very first time…


Let us dive into this ocean of knowledge and melt away our constructs, fragmenting us from the Absolute One…


Let us enter this portal, stripped from the falsity of our identities, and begin the enthralling journey from ourselves, to ourselves!

“… from the One we came, and to the One we shall return…” (Quran 2:156)



          Aliya Atalay

Istanbul, 2012

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