11. Hud

Rabbi innee a`oodhu bika an asaalaka maa laysa lee bihi `ilmun wa’illaa taghfir lee watarḥamnee akun mina l-khaasireena (Quran 11:47)

My Rabb! I seek refuge in You from asking for things about which I have no knowledge (into its true meaning)! If You do not forgive me and bestow Your grace upon me I will be among the losers.


Noah (as) had warned his people, but they refused to listen to him. So, he built an ark upon the command he received and invited his close ones and a pair of each type of animal on board. His son, however, was not of the believers and refused to join them. When the storm began and Noah saw his son drowning amid the waves he persistently prayed to Allah that his son may be saved, but alas, his prayers were not being responded to…

“O Noah! Indeed, he is not of your family! Indeed, (your persistence about your son against My decree) is an act not required by your faith! So do not ask of Me things about which you have no knowledge! Indeed, I advise you not to be among the ignorant.”

After this warning, Noah asked for forgiveness with the prayer above…

There is a great lesson in this for us! Our relatives and close ones may not necessarily believe in the reality, they may stubbornly resist the truth and choose to persist in their erroneous ways. In this case, even though we may be related to them by blood, we need to accept that we are not related to them in terms of the afterlife and hence need not insist or enforce them into believing. All we can do is pray for their guidance and place our trust in Allah. Indeed, what Allah ordains shall be…

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By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Alif, Lam, Ra... The signs of the Knowledge (Book) have been distinctly established, and then manifested in detail from the ladun (the potential of the Names comprising one's essence) of the Hakim, the Habir.

2. (This Knowledge was revealed so that you) become aware that your servitude is only to Allah. “Indeed I am a warner and a bringer of good tidings from HU.”

3. “Seek forgiveness of your Rabb (for your mistakes and shortcomings)! Then repent to Him so that He may let you enjoy your life while it lasts, and give His bounty (what they deserve of knowledge and enlightenment) to every virtuous person... If you turn away, I fear for you the suffering of that mighty period.”

4. “To Allah you will return, HU is Qadir over all things.”

5. Know with certainty! To hide from Him, they cover what is within themselves (they hide their real thoughts with other thoughts and conceal it)! Know with certainty! When they hide themselves behind their clothes (when they conceal their inner world) He knows what they hide and what they make apparent! Indeed He is Aleem of what is inside you (‘your personal world created in your mind’) as its very essence (with His Names).

6. There is no animate creature on earth whose life sustenance (provision) does not belong to Allah! He knows its state of rest (its end) and its temporary life... All of it is clear Knowledge!

7. HU created the heavens and the earth in six stages (the six states of consciousness [heavens] and body [earth]) His Throne (the dimension of Names from which His sovereignty is manifest) is upon water (the essence of the universe; the knowledge – data in the ocean of waves; the data contained within waves of energy comprising the universe)(In terms of man, the qualities denoted by the Names are sovereign over man’s consciousness and body – 80% of man is comprised of water, which is programmed to store data via certain waves of energy.) It is to determine who among you is best in conduct... Indeed, if you say “You will certainly be resurrected after death” the deniers of the knowledge of the reality will say, “This is just clear magic (showing the inexistent as existent).”

8. Indeed, if We postpone the suffering from them for a set time, they will certainly say, “What detains it?” Know with certainty! The day it comes to them, it will not be averted from them! They will be enveloped by the very thing they mock.

9. Indeed, if We make man taste grace from Us and then remove it from him, he will definitely fall into despair and become ungrateful.

10. But if We make him taste a blessing after a suffering, he will surely say, “I overcame the suffering (with my own intellect)”... Indeed, he is exultant and boastful!

11. Those who are patient and engage in beneficial deeds are excepted. There is forgiveness and great reward for them.

12. (My Rasul!) Is your breast constrained and will you leave out some of what is revealed to you because they say, “Should not a treasure have been sent down with him, or an angel come with him”? (i.e. they want a miracle perceived by their eyesight rather than that which is evaluated by reason.) You are only a warner! Allah is Wakil over all things.

13. Or do they claim, “(Muhammad) invented it himself”... Say, “(If you claim this is a human invention) then bring a surah like it... Call upon whomever you can (for assistance from your deities/gods) who have nothing to do with the meaning denoted by the name Allah... (Go and do it) if you are true to your word.”

14. If they do not respond to you, then know (this): It has only been revealed as the knowledge of Allah! There is no god, only HU! Will you now submit?

15. Whoever wills the worldly life and its fancy values, We will give him the results of his deeds in full... Their pay in the world will never be reduced (he who lives for the world will receive his pay in the world and terminate).

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