81. At-Takwir

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. When the Sun is wrapped up (when the mind loses its power in the sight of the reality),

2. And the stars are darkened (thought processes cease – ideas shed no light),

3. And the mountains are removed (the organs stop working),

4. And when the she-camels (objects of wealth and status) are neglected and (worldly values are) abandoned,

5. And when the beasts are gathered (animalistic senses lose their power),

6. And the seas begin to boil (information obtained via conditionings flame up and boil away in sight of the reality),

7. And when the souls are paired (individual consciousnesses are paired with their new spirit bodies),

8. And the female infant who was buried alive is asked,

9. “For what sin she was killed?”

10. And when the recorded pages are made public,

11. And the sky is ripped away (when the mind loses its reasoning power),

12. And Hell is ignited and set ablaze (the fire of remorse is flared up),

Note: These interpretations are in respect of Doomsday being the individual experience of the person, i.e. the person’s own death.

13. And Paradise is brought near,

14. Every soul (individual consciousness) will know what it has prepared (apprehend the consequences of his deeds during his life in the biological body).

15. I swear by ‘al-Hunnas’ (the stars that are not observable during the day due to sunlight),

Note: Hadhrat Ali (ra) says the following in regards to ‘al-Hunnas’: “These are the stars (planets) that are invisible during the day, but visible in the night.”

16. And by al-Jawar and al-Qunnas (the planets that run their course and those that orbit near the constellations),

17. And by the night as it closes in,

18. And by the morning that you breathe in,

19. Indeed, it is the word (conveyed by) a noble Rasul;

20. A powerful (Rasul)! Secure in the sight of the owner of the Throne!

21. Obeyed there (in the heaven) and trustworthy.

22. Your companion (Muhammad [saw]) is not possessed!

23. Indeed, he observed him in the clear horizon!

24. He does not withhold (the knowledge of) the unseen!

25. And it is not the word of Satan, the cursed (distanced from the reality)!

26. So, where are you going (by leaving the Quran)?

27. It is only a reminder to the worlds (humans)!

28. For those who want to live by the Truth!

29. You cannot will unless Allah, the Rabb of the worlds, wills!

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