Faith In Muhammad (saw)

Without a doubt, he who has no faith in Muhammad (saw) has no faith in Allah! Though he may well believe in his own God!

Why so?

Because there is no ‘God’! There has never been a ‘God’!

Surely, there are imaginary gods in people’s minds. In fact, the majority of the people in the world, who identify with various different belief systems, all have such a god in their minds! But these postulations are absolutely incorrect and have no relevance to the reality.

Muhammad (saw) served to warn people against wasting their lives based on their fanciful god-concepts, alerting those who had faith in him to the reality of 'La ilaha...'

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01:42 In the past, when people talked of a God in the heavens and his ‘son’ who has descended to earth, or of angels with wings, the Rasul of Allah denounced these concepts precisely and concisely with the chapter al-Ikhlas.

03:56 Henceforth, the faith of those who believe in Muhammad (saw) and the One denoted as ‘Allah’ expounded by him, is different to and incongruent with the faith of those who believe in an imaginary external God.

06:04 The Quran is filled with verses that state godhood leads to duality and dualists will remain in hell forever. What could be the reason for this? Since there is no God, why will the dualists remain in hell and burn forever? 

08:01 The laws and principles of this system, some of which we perceive and understand while some of which we don’t, are referred to as sunnatullah in the Quran. 

13:05 What we must do is have faith in the Rasul of Allah and the One he disclosed to us as ‘Allah’, so that we can shape our lives accordingly!

14:09 Salat can only be experienced by READING al-Fatiha, this is why the Rasul of Allah asserts “Salat cannot be without al-Fatiha.”

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