Translated & Narrated by Aliya Atalay

Our ability to see is one of our most significant functions. But what does sight really mean? How do we see? What do we see? What do we not see?

Does everyone see the same things?

Why do some see things others can’t?

How do we see in our dreams?

How do some see jinn?

Can angels be seen? If so, how?

Can one see the countenance of ALLAH? How?

What is hallucination?

What is a nightmare and how does it form?

How are we going to see in the realm of the grave?

How will sight work at the place of gathering (mahshar)?

How is sight in heaven and hell?

And so on and so forth…

Let’s begin with remembering what sight actually means. If the waves that reflect from the objects in front of us are between four-thousandths of a centimeter and seven-thousandths of a centimeter, our pupils convert these waves into electromagnetic signals and transmit them to our brain. Then, based on the existing database, a synthesis is formed and an image is generated. This imaginary image is what we claim to ‘see’...

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