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Brain Mechanics and the Quantum Potential

Yes…I have been explaining and explaining these topics. But we don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Now… How should we approach this topic..

Today, we all know that… Right now everything we perceive is taking place inside our brain. All external data we receive gets converted in various ways inside our brain and observed in our imagination, or our holographic universe…

When we say ‘I understand’, ‘I think’, 'I know’, ‘I read’, ‘I learn’, etc. we are merely referring to the activity that is taking place inside our brain. But how does this formation inside of our brain occur?

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01:25 All data that reaches our brain is essentially composed of electrical signals and waves, whether we receive these waves through our eyes, other organs, or through other receptors of our brain which we are unaware…

03:50 All incoming information to the brain, in the form of wavelengths and data, get programmed according to the current frequencies of the neurons in the brain.

08:28 What is known as the ‘Unity of Existence’ in Sufism, refers to the origin of existence. The phrase ‘Unity of Existence’ is used to denote the reality that the origin of existence is ‘one’.

12:03 Based on this reality it has been said in Allah's knowledge, the engendered worlds have not even ‘sensed’ existence, i.e. they are inexistent, in the material sense…

16:25 Topics tackled by science today are the very facts that Rasulullah SAW and other enlightened beings talked about thousands of years ago,through symbolic and metaphoric language.

21:01 What this means is, that the Brain has capacity to manifest all of the qualities pertaining to Allah’s Names, all of the meanings and qualities that Allah’s Names denote! Therefore, the structure we call the ‘brain’ is actually a location where Allah’s Names become manifest, and the place where all other data pertaining to the manifestations of Allah’s Names are received evaluated and processed into other formations.

29:24 Existence is a single existence, and this single existence has infinite qualities… This reality designates the ‘quantum superposition’ in the quantum potential, but with one difference...

32:42 So, just as the information of how and where the human body will be formed is contained in it’s first cell and hence known at the outset, the formation of the universe and where and how a particular galaxy will be formed, how dark energy will form dark matter, how and when perceivable matter will be formed from dark matter, and how sentient beings will be formed to perceive all of this, is also known at the outset.

38:03 Essentially the word Rahim in Arabic means the female reproductive organ. That is, Rahim forms, produces, protects, preserves, develops, and manifests.

41:13 Data reaches the brain, and this input of data becomes processed by the brain. Philosophy refers to this mechanism of processing as the ‘intellect’…

45:08 The thing is, ‘you’ with your ‘self’, just by ‘wanting’, cannot perform salat, or pray or supplicate, ‘you’ are incapable of doing anything.

46:41 But again, let’s not take the word ‘brain’ literally and remember it denotes the Names of Allah, and the outcome of His existence through a specialized cluster of Names.

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