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Recognizing One’s Vicegerency

The purpose of man’s existence on Earth is for him to duly experience his vicegerency… To do this, he must first recognize his essence and origin; rid himself of the conditionings and value judgments imposed on him by his environment. He must adopt the morals of Allah, which isn’t possible unless one understands the reality denoted by the name Allah in the first place.

Otherwise an imaginary god is created in one’s head – with the conditionings and judgments of the person – and labeled ‘Allah’. Then the person watches himself in this imaginary mirror, consoling himself with ideas of being perfect, and leaving this place with this delusion.

Knowledge is the tool to enable the experience of what it points to!

And the experience of vicegerency is the purpose!

Man’s purpose is to overcome all these obstacles and experience his reality as the vicegerent.

If you don’t proactively let go of and liberate yourself from the things you inevitable have to let go of in the future you cannot find your true Self.

The way of Tariqah has come to an end in this time, the concept of ‘master and student’ is no longer valid and effective.

If you don’t proactively let go of and liberate yourself from the things you inevitable have to let go of in the future you cannot find your true Self.

It’s impossible to find a master who can monitor and direct all of your actions at all times.

Cleanse yourself of your delusions!

No one can be tamed and trained with a remote control!

Knowledge can be dispersed from as far as the other end of the world, and received and evaluated by brains that can perceive it. But nobody can control your behavior and monitor your mistakes; this can only be achieved through one’s knowledge.

The system and order in which we live is the product of Allah’s morals.

The Quran is a book given to us so we realize the system and order of Allah.

If our understanding of the Quran does not coalesce with the system and order in which we live then we have not yet READ the Quran.

When the Quran is READ, the system is realized, which then enables one to recognize the morals of Allah.

The extent to which you can become whole with the morals of Allah and evaluate others by them is the extent to which you can experience your vicegerency.

No magic stick from the heavens is going to turn you into a vicegerent or saint, these are names given to states of life, to viewpoints… If you don’t have these viewpoints and lifestyles, even if these labels are given to you in gold carving, it will not change the reality of who you really are.

So, do not delude yourself with unrealistic expectations. The only thing that can come to you is knowledge and intercession. You can develop yourself by applying the requisites of this knowledge in your life.

The intelligent person is one who tries to develop himself instead of wasting his time with others. Just as sharing your knowledge is compulsory, so is not forcing others into anything afterwards.

This being the case, our duty is to evaluate knowledge realistically, without going into unrealistic expectations, without deifying people, taking heed of the warnings that are given, by taking responsibility for our actions, and accepting the truth that we can only reap the results of what we sow.

May Allah ease the path of knowledge to us.


Ahmed Hulusi

14 June 1998


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