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Is Deism Outdated?

What is deism? What are it’s flaws?

This understanding which has its roots in England was directly entrenched in Wahhabism and used against Islam.  This offensive, Britannic at its core, gradually suppressed the Sufi understanding of Allah and Oneness, and thanks to funding from the Wahhabi’s, imposed an understanding of a godhead figure sitting in the heavens, choosing who will or will not get into heaven, and imposed this understanding as the reality of Islam.

The viewpoint highlighted by Muhammad (saw), the knowledge disclosed by him is as follows: Existences is singular, and everything that become manifest from that singularity become apparent in Man through his essential reality, manifesting themselves in Man’s brain as the qualities of the names of Allah.  We refer to this as the reality of the letter B. 

- Both deism and atheism stem from not fully grasping the concept of Allah as described by the Quran, nor the singularity or Oneness defined therein.  

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