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The Mechanics of The System (Sunnah)


Today, our topic is Human Beings. It is an issue of Human Beings, your issue...

When your spouse or a friend of yours takes medicine, would that medicine also help you to heal?

Another example of this is could you benefit from the honey a friend of yours eats? Of course, you are able to answer all of these questions in a heartbeat. Just like in these examples, the prayers of the people praying around you will only benefit themselves, not you.

What’s more, imitating their belief will not be any use for you either; because you need to implement your belief in your life to benefit from its results.

If we don’t fully understand the How’s and Why’s of a matter, we would not be able to know how useful it would be for us.

In short, knowledge of faith does not mean having faith!

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02:03 The foundation of religion is faith; as reason and logic are limited in their reach. The brain interprets what is perceived through five senses. However, there are an infinite number of things that our limited five senses cannot perceive.

03:36 Human Beings came into this world alone and he/she will leave the world alone. The individual will have to adopt the afterlife with is the tools and knowledge obtained in this world.

05:02 However, religion is the name of the system and order created by Allah known as SunnatAllah in the Quran. You may, however, name this system as you wish; name it law of nature, law of god, or something else, but there is a perfect mechanism in perfect working order.

07:42 There is no God out there who is going to put you somewhere or a God who is going to put you trust you in flames because he's angry with you.

10:24 Muhammed (SAW) has never forced anyone to do anything, who are we to make others do something?

12:02 It is not a matter of appearance, style of beard, moustaches or head covering. These are not the topics of religion.

15:01 We will leave everything we have today behind when we leave tomorrow. How many people from the past are with you today? Everything is passing by... but what are we learning in the meanwhile?

16:40 What did Muhammed (SAW) say and why he said so? Let's start reflecting on that because Muhammed (SAW)'s statement, evaluated through the mentality of hundreds of years ago means a lot different to us today.

18:19 Let's try understanding him all over again, thus let's celebrate his rebirth again. You will see that Muhammed (SAW) has a loving and forgiving expression. He conveyed his message only to make your life much more beautiful.

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