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The Night of Power (Al-Qadr)


Today I will mention a subject that will possibly shock most of you. This subject is really important. We have been conditioned for years that "there is Allah up in the sky and he sees you." Indeed they believe in a god, and they have labelled this god as Allah. This concept of a god up in the sky  results in the gods  named as Allah. Nobody has understood as the magnificent human Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa told people about Allah, except for the awliyaullah (friends of Allah) and masters of sufism.

Most of them heard about it in the mosques.

Gods are spoken about in mosques. There is Allah up in the sky. Also, we read the Quran with the understanding that there is a god up in the sky. We are told that the Quran mentions the one in the sky.

Traditional religious approach, which is founded on the concept of godhood, imagines there is a night called the Night of Power (Laylat al-Qadr)’… A night on which, they claim, the almighty God blesses His select servants with a great bounty! Whoever worships and glorifies Him most gets the reward, the great reward called ‘al-Qadr’…

Apparently, the angels that bring down (!) this bounty descend to the region where Muslims live on the sacred night of power, for if they see daylight they will degenerate like spoilt vitamin C exposed to sunlight!

Apparently that night of power is more blessed than a thousand nights, or 83 years of deifying, glorifying and worshipping!

Every year on the 27th night of Ramadan, the angels flap their wings speedily to traverse a journey of thousands of years so they can descend to earth and go house to house to seek out the Muslims who happen to be in a time zone where it is night! Of course, the Muslims who happen to be in daylight at that instance of time miss out on everything. Too bad for them…

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02:52 If the angels find a sincere worshipper they ask their Lord “Oh Lord! Shall we give this person al-Qadr?” If God says yes, they bless the person with Qadir, otherwise they move on to the next house. 

03:49 According to Rasulullah-centered Islamic understanding, on the other hand, the construal of the Night of Power is as the following...

05:40 The person is in the state of safety free from all that is decreed. This experience lasts until the thought and feeling of self return (rising of the dawn-return to fajr) to the person.

08:05 The moment when he moves from his individual, unitary self (the daylight), to the realization of the darkness of his nonexistence at the One referred to as Allah, and when all the creations loses their being in his eye.

10:48 We still believe the holy Quran is  god's book of demands or a history book! I may be right or wrong in my assessments, however, this is the knowledge passed down to us from what the spiritual masters wrote in their works.

12:41 The Quran is such a magnificent book that even if it descended to a mountain, the mountain would smash into pieces; however, mankind is not aware of it.

14:10 If we consider the meaning of the surah of Ikhlas, which explains the One referred to as Allah, as truth, then what will our subject be?

16:23 The dimension that exists in one individual does exist in the same way in all the other ones.

18:35 Nonexistent is eternally nonexistent; ever-abiding is eternally ever-abiding. And what does the Rasul of Allah say? 'Whoever embraces this will go to heaven'. In the quotation he doesn't particularly mention a remark as 'after the Doomsday'.

19:47 You can't reform religion or the system. Reform will be in your understanding. By reforming your understanding, we are  looking from a completely new point of view instead of through concepts that we have acquired so far through our conditionings and evaluating the magnificent information book that the Rasul of Allah introduced.


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