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Where Is the Pool of Kawthar And Who Is It For?

- Law anzalna hatha alqurana AAala jabalin laraaytahu khashiAAan mutasaddiAAan min khashyati Allahi (Quran 59: 21)

“Had we revealed this Quran (this truth) upon a mountain (the ego) you would have seen it humbled and shattered to pieces in awe of Allah (the realization of the nothingness of his ego or seeming ‘self’ in respect to the One denoted by the name Allah)…”

- The Quran is knowledge! The word mountain is symbolic of the human ego. If this Quran is revealed in one's brain their mountain of ego will be shattered to pieces, it will be annihilated, the ego will be removed and the awe of Allah will be experienced." That's what the verse is saying.

- "Inna ataina kal kawthar"… "Indeed, We gave you the Kawthar!" (108:01)

"Fa salli li Rabbika..."… "Turn to your Rabb" (108:02) Turn to Allah with the meanings of the Names of Allah that comprise your being. "Wanhar" sacrifice your ego, after your inward turning come to the realization that you don't exist! 

- That is, those who believed the existence within their existence is the existence of Allah those who were able to decode and experience the verse "Aminu Billahi" are going to have access to the Kawthar. The Pool of Kawthar is the Pool of Names that comprise your existence.

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