7. Al-A’raf (70-147)

70. They said, “Have you come to us so that we serve Allah, the ONE, and abandon what our fathers have worshipped? If you are speaking the truth, then bring us the thing with which you threaten us (so that we see it)!”

71. (Hud) said, “In truth, the hurricane of your Rabb’s punishment and wrath (the state of duality) has already befallen you! Are you arguing with me about the unsubstantiated names you gave to the gods, you and your fathers, for which Allah has not revealed any evidence (in regards to their existence)? Then wait; indeed, I am with you among those who wait.”

72. So we saved him and those with him by surrounding them with Our grace... And We uprooted those who denied our verses... They did not believe.

73. And to Thamud (We sent) their brother Salih... He said, “O my people! Serve Allah... You cannot have a deity besides Allah... Clear evidence has come to you from your Rabb... This female camel of Allah is a miracle for you! So leave her to eat on Allah’s earth! Do not dare to ponder any harm upon her! Lest you fall into a painful punishment!”

74. “And remember when He made you vicegerents after Aad and established you upon the earth... You obtain palaces from it and carve its mountains to form homes for yourselves! Then remember and think about these blessings of Allah and do not cause transgression on the earth through corruption.”

75. The leaders among the people (of Salih) who were arrogant said to the weaker believers among them, “Do you actually believe that Salih is disclosed by your Rabb?” They said, “We believe in what has been revealed through him (as though it has been revealed to us).”

76. The conceited arrogant ones said, “Indeed we are deniers of that which you believe.”

77. Then they savagely slaughtered the female camel and were disobedient to the command of their Rabb, and they said, “O Salih... If you are of the Rasuls, then bring the punishment with which you threaten us.”

78. A harsh earthquake seized them... They collapsed in their homes and died!

79. And he (Salih) turned away from them and said, “O my people... Indeed I have conveyed to you the message of my Rabb and advised you, but you do not like those who talk in your favor.”

80. And remember when Lot said to his people, “Do you commit immoralities that no one before you in the world committed?”

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