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Why don’t you return home, to Turkey? #2

I’ve read many translations of the Quran to date. No need to go into the topic of understanding it or not right now so I’ll cut to the chase:

You have written a book called ‘Decoding the Quran’ and it is very different to all other translations of the Quran I’ve read so far. It reflects a different perspective. It contains scientific explanations that reflect the realities of our times.

To put it simply it is written in my language, I’ve been able to integrate with this work. Can you tell us a little about Decoding the Quran?

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00:53 Most translations of the Quran are copies of one another. The primary perspective underlying their outlook is the dualistic understanding of ‘Him’ and ‘I’... or ‘God’, ‘Allah’, ‘The Great Allah’, ‘Allah that is far and beyond’ etc.

03:00 The knowledge coming from Sufism has lost momentum. Whereas the primary teaching of the Quran is ‘oneness’, that there is no other existence besides Allah and that man has been created as a vicegerent, all the qualities of Allah that is manifest through man is for man to know Allah, that is, the reality “one who knows himself will know his Rabb” and “Move your SELF aside and give way to the creator” This reality is explained in the Quran with the letter ‘B’, the mystery of the letter B.

04:44 Because the Quran says, “Everyone will live the results of their own deeds” That is, “the consequence of every experience will be lived in the next experience”.

05:55 But the other translations which I’ve mentioned earlier reflect their literal and rigid approach in their English translations as well, which leads many Anglophone readers to think “the Quran instigates violence and terror”.

07:47 We gave away 1.5 million printed copies by hand for free or with a cargo charge of about $1 to cover freight costs. On the other hand, close to about one million copies of the Turkish ‘The Power of Prayer' have also been printed and distributed for free.

09:06 So then how is it that this person, with so many followers and readers, not living in Turkey?

10:44 So until this day we have never collected money, we did not receive any contributions, in fact we did not even accept the offers of those who wanted to assist in the printing.

11:40 I have no such interests in being a guru, a sheik, or the Mahdi. I have already reached 70 years of age, I don’t even know how much longer I’ll live.

13:00 There is a hadith that says, “Hasten to go to pilgrimage. But we are too concerned about whether we’ll be missing out on some worldly thing, we wonder if we’ll become deprived of certain worldly pleasures. These are the results of differences in perception.

13:39 What you read becomes yours, not somebody else’s. When I read I don’t read it as though this is your book, I read it as though it is my own, because its benefit is for me. What benefit can it give you when I read it?




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