On The Mahdi & Mahdism

Based on some of the explanations of Muhammad (saw), the spiritually guided ones and those who belong to the religion of Islam believe that Allah sends a reviver of religion (mujaddid), whose task is to spread the religion of Islam, every century. 

The duty of this person, based on the explanations of the Rasul of Allah (saw) is to explain the religion of Islam according to the understanding of the present time, to show the people that religion is not something pertaining to the past, and to guide them to the reality. 

The only direct descendant of the Rasul of Allah (saw) whose name was Mahdi, his twelfth grandson, fell into a well and died of drowning at the age of six. The awaited Mahdi has nothing to do with this person. 

“Mahdi” is the nickname of the awaited one…

In some of his explanations, the Rasul of Allah (saw) says “A reviver carrying my name will come in the future who will...” Some commentators interpreted this assertion as though the actual name of the person will either be ‘Ahmed’ or ‘Muhammad’. As a matter of fact, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian thought that he was the Mahdi himself, because his name was ‘Ahmed’ and he was manipulated by the jinn. 

There is extensive information on this subject in the hadith collection called ‘Ibn Majah

Imam Al-Rabbani Ahmad Farooq Sirhindi is a very well-known character among the Sufis who became famous as the reviver of the year 2000 according to the Islamic calendar. In his book named Maktubat (The Letters)he gives us the following information about the rank of the Mahdi’: 


“The Rabb of the Mahdi of whose coming we have been informed is the attribute of knowledge.

Like Hadhrat Ali (ra), this noble person too is connected to Jesus (pbuh). 

It is almost as though one foot of Jesus (pbuh) is on the head of Hadhrat Ali (ra) and the other foot is on the head of the Mahdi.” 


In the Encyclopedia of Islam, the following information is given in regards to the expected person referred to as Mahdi


“The meaning of Mahdi is a person who is divinely guided by Allah. This word was used in the past, both to refer to certain individuals in the past and in reference to one particular individual who is expected to arrive before the doomsday. 

This word was used for the first time to refer to the caliph of the state of the Amawis, Omar the second, who was known as the ‘Mujaddid’ (Reviver) and accepted as an honorable figure, blessed with the guidance of Allah. 

In later years, however, Omar the second was accepted to be the first Mujaddid (Reviver) and the 7th (and final) would either be ‘Mahdi’ or ‘Jesus’ based on two different views.”


In his book called ‘Muqaddima’ (Introduction), Ibn Khaldun states the following about the person referred as the ‘Mahdi’ in the section titled ‘The descendants of Fatima, the position people take concerning her, and the clarification of this matter’ 

“Know that it has been commonly accepted among the people of Islam throughout the ages that there must be at the end of time the appearance of a man from the lineage of the Rasul of Allah (saw) who will help the religion and bring justice and whom the Muslims will follow and who will gain control over the Islamic lands, and who will be called the Mahdi. 

As for his ruling over the world, this will take place with the descension of Jesus (pbuh).

After this the other signs of the Doomsday will transpire and the advent of the Dajjal (Antichrist) will take place. 

Jesus (pbuh) will descend after the appearance of the Dajjal (Antichrist) and will kill the Dajjal who will emerge soon after the appearance of the Mahdi.”


In his book ‘Muqaddima’ (Introduction), Ibn Khaldun recounts twenty-four hadith in detail regarding the Mahdi, including six different versions, and questions their authenticity. In 14 of these hadith the Reviver (Mujaddid) is referred to as the ‘Mahdi’. 

The discussions that are held and debated over the issue of ‘Mahdi’ within the Islamic community have continued in this manner. 

Similarly, it is a common belief in the Islamic world that the Doomsday is going to take place before the year 1600 according to Islamic calendar. This is being derived from the answer given to the following question that was asked to Muhammad (saw): “O Rasul of Allah (saw), when will the Doomsday take place?” The Rasul of Allah (saw) answers, “If my community does well, it will be after the year 1000!”

Likewise, the expression that is commonly used among the public that the day of resurrection will not take place before 1500 or after 1600 is purely based on this hadith.

As the figure 2000 is not mentioned, the commentators have construed that the doomsday will take place between the years 1000 and 2000, which by an approximate calculation coincides somewhere between the years 1400 and 1600 according to the Islamic calendar. 

Taking into account the fact that in every 200 years a new Mujaddid (Reviver) is expected, some Muslims calculated that the final and the 7th Mujaddid will arrive around the beginning of the year 1400, and since he will be the final Mujaddid he will be called the ‘Mahdi’

Again, the same people assert that the person who will be called the ‘Mahdi’ will also be a saint of the highest rank. He will be able to observe any point in the world at any moment he wishes, and have enough power to rule wherever he wants, whenever he wants. He will remove the blasphemy from the Islamic world and together with Jesus (pbuh) who will descend after the Mahdi, he will teach and spread Islam all over the world, abolishing all the sects and madhaps. He will also enliven the system of belief that was prevalent during the time of the Rasul of Allah (saw).

Many people who lived in various times and places claimed, either explicitly or implicitly, that they were indeed the Mahdi, and this is still the case today. Such people easily deceive the people around them taking advantage of their lack of knowledge. Most of them are ruled by the jinn, albeit they are mostly unaware of it. They believe they are the mahdi because of the delusion the jinn cause them through the dreams they see and the visions or epiphanies they receive!

As far as I know, the only way to be exempt from the influence of these people who delude many people through the support of the jinn is by having knowledge and reciting the “prayer of jinn.” 

There is no definite evidence for the exact date the Mahdi will appearthough for the Muslims his arrival can be any moment. Even the saints, with the exception of those in the ‘SUPREME COUNCIL OF SAINTS’ have no knowledge on this matter. 

As we get closer to seventeen past the year 1400, according to the Islamic calendar, this topic has become more popular and resultantly, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who claim to be the Mahdi.

It’s a pity to see so many people who think they are the Mahdi due to their insufficient knowledge and the misguidance of the jinn, leading many others astray and becoming a source of amusement for the jinn.

Based on the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw) the real Mahdi’ will first emerge in Mecca and then move to Medina, upon which an army will be sent against him and this army will be plunged under the earth. These events will serve as evidence that he is indeed the Mahdi

No sound person living in Istanbul or in Ankara or some other city will claim to be the MahdiIf he does, then the situation must either be psychiatric or one that needs to be turned over to experts who expel jinn. 

As for my own thoughts…

I believe we need to leave it to time; wait and see what happens. For we have seen every year, for twenty years now, how during the pilgrimage (hajj) period people claim “the Mahdi will appear this year” and plan their entire future based on this expectation only to be disappointed.

Despite all of this, we neither deny it, which is the output of impotence and limited comprehension, nor confirm it, as this matter isn’t associated with the pillars of faith and there is no concrete evidence regarding its accuracy. If such a person does appear and we meet him, we will make our final decision then, and act accordingly.

 Indeed, time answers and explains everything in the best way!


On the other hand, there has been a significant increase in the number of people claiming to be the Mahdi. Almost in every city there is a few people who not only delude themselves but also those around them. It’s even sadder that these naive yet ignorant people have given rein to the jinn who is ruling behind the scenes. And it is very difficult to be freed from it! 

Some of these people are exaggerated by the media, while others wait in silence for the day they will rise to glory!

I have already explained the reason behind these super mahdis who think they are the sheikh of tens of thousands is that they are possessed by the jinn. 

Now let us talk about the other aspect…

If you’re searching for a particular channel on your TV, you will encounter the following situation.

At first, your screen will be covered with unclear, unknown, distorted images, as you get closer to the broadcast you are searching for the disturbances will begin to disappear until finally you see a net, clear broadcast!

As I previously explained, every single event that transpires in the world, does so through the various cosmic influences, stage by stage. Everything starts from the bottom, from zero-state, rises in stages until it reaches its highest point, and then it starts to go down back to zero again! This is the absolute order and mechanism of the system!

In this world, all events are formed in certain cycles and in the light of today’s terminology, at certain periods, certain trends become “fashionable”.

For the past perhaps twenty years or so, my answer to those who claimed the Mahdi will arrive that year, has been a solid ‘No.’ By divine grace, I was never mistaken. For my research on this topic indicated the arrival of the Mahdi was still quite a long time away. 

But why did so many people who have not even discerned the meaning of ‘Amantu’ were delusively claiming to be the Mahdi? 

There were two main reasons for this. 

First, because they were unaware, they were being ruled by the jinn and were inadvertently being dragged into a situation against which they could not take precaution, misleading many others alongside. 

Secondly, they were under the influence of the disturbed energy waves rather than clear original ones. 

The disturbed unclear energy waves carrying the meaning and wisdom of the Mahdi, or in other words, the pre-runners of the Mahdi, have already begun to spread on Earth. 

The same goes for the Messiah!

For this reason, in the years to come, many individuals will appear under the guise of the ‘Mahdi’ or ‘JESUS’ and unfortunately, they will deceive many people.  

Therefore, to be protected from such delusion and to have a more realistic point of view one must know the facts with certainty. 


Starting with hadith books such as ‘Qutub-u Sitte’ many books and works unanimously agree that Jesus (pbuh) will come back to Earth. And this claim was made by Jesus (pbuh) himself, at that time, for 2000 years later.

Be cautious!

If Jesus (pbuh) said he’d come back 2000 years later and he said this before he died, then he would have said this when he was 33, i.e. the year 33 based on the Gregorian calendar, which indicates his return will be in year 2033. 

Before the return of Jesus (pbuh) to earth, the Antichrist (Dajjal) will emerge and he will manifest extraordinary powers causing great provocation and disorder to mankind. He will claim to be ‘God’ who has descended from the heavens and that he is the long-awaited Rabb of the humans. 

The dajjal will remain on earth for forty days and at the end of this period, Jesus (saw) will return to earth and kill him. 

Jesus (saw) will live on earth for 40 years, 9 to 11 of these years he will spend with the Mahdi. That is, the Mahdi, who will have already emerged before Jesus (pbuh), will spend the last 9-11 years of his life with Jesus (pbuh) after which he will pass on to the afterlife. 

The Dajjal will appear 9-11 years before the Mahdi passes away. 

My late master, Haji Osman Efendy (also known as the Madinian) told me the following in 1963:

“The Egyptian astrologers had written in the newspapers of Cairo some years ago that the star of Mahdi is born… He is here now, growing up among us…”

With respect to all this information and the things I’m unable to pen here, my personal opinion is:

Before the advent of Mahdi, the third world war will take place and Europe will be razed to the ground. After this the Mahdi will reveal himself during a pilgrimage season due to the persistence of the Rijal al-Ghayb (The Men of the Unknown). Following this, he will go to Medina and there, an army would be sent onto him from Damascus and this army will be swallowed by the earth and plunged under the ground completely somewhere around near Medina. It is also mentioned in various valuable sources that the Dajjal (Antichrist) will emerge while the Mahdi is in Istanbul

Therefore, there is strong implications that there will be lots of political changes and wars in Europe, the United States, Russia and the Middle East before the Mahdi appears. 

In short, whatever the case may be, the start of these events would be no sooner than the beginning of the 2000’s. 

Considering the astrological transits, there is a strong indication that important events will transpire after the planet Uranus goes into the sign of Aquarius in 1996. If we also take into consideration the fact that Pluto will enter Sagittarius approximately around the same period, the experts can clearly see the kind of important events are awaiting us…

So, as this period comes closer, the number of people claiming to be the Mahdi or Jesus will increase and this will also cause the emergence of false Dajjals.

According to an explanation given by Muhammad (saw), before the arrival of the actual Dajjal close to 30 false Dajjals will emerge and they will all claim to be a ‘prophet.” 

This simply indicates that before and after every ‘original’ broadcast, false side waves will always appear. 

As a result of their incorrect belief in a god in space or their ignorant assumption that Allah is a god in the heavens, many people will fall into the the trap of accepting the dajjal as their god. 

The only way people can protect themselves from the dajjal is by understanding Allah as explained by Muhammad (saw).

Those who have not discerned Allah, as defined and explained by the Quran, are vulnerable to becoming the victims of a false “god.”

On the other hand, I would like to take this opportunity to mention another important point, while we’re on the topic.  

There are indeed some people who have absolutely no relation with the jinn, who are students of great masters and under their protection, but who also think they may be the Mahdi… So how can it be that even though they are under the protection of saints and have no relation with the jinn that these people also assume to be the Mahdi and give this impression to their surroundings?

 In Sufism, as the aspirant continues on his path, he encounters certain states. For example, the “Rank of Gaws” the “Rank of Hızır”, the “Rank of Mahdi” etc... 

The Sufis know, as the aspirant advances through these spiritual stations, the qualities of that particular rank is reflected on him like a mirror reflecting the rays of the Sun, the individual inadvertently starts to think of himself as the source of that light… 

Such people may not be able to refrain themselves from this pleasure and remain in that state for a considerable length of time. As a result, they begin to think of themselves as the actual saint to whom that rank and state really belongs…  Similarly, those around him who have not become fully enlightened also assume that he is the actual person through whose rank he is simply transiting. 

If his master is powerful enough, the aspirant may be saved from this state easily and will see the reality. But if his master is not strong enough, if he has not yet reached perfection, then he may stay in that state for 5-10 years, sometimes his entire life, and resultantly believe he is the actual person of that rank, deceiving not only himself but also those around him.

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