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The Observation of His Knowledge with His Knowledge in His Knowledge #11

We have already confirmed that the explanations in the Quran are based on metaphors, and that in different times, Sufi’s have used metaphors that tie in to the level of understanding of that period.

From what I can see, you are the only one that delves into the topic of the brain, its inner workings and mechanics from the viewpoint of Sufism.

There is an example that caught my interest that I’d like to share with you.

When you claim that in reality ‘we are observing the inside of our brain’ we say for instance that my trousers is a collection of data in my brain, registered in my database, maintained within my
cellular structure.

When I touch here, my hand consists of data, my fingers consist of data…All registered within different cellular groups. When all of this is considered, the act of touching... What you call cellular structures are also data.

That too is data. So this very act of touching my trousers is in fact an internal communication within the brain, so an action in the brain from itself to itself, an observation from itself to itself. 

This ‘observation from itself to itself’ actually adds a lot of clarity to the Sufi teaching; ‘He observes His knowledge through His knowledge in His knowledge’, when looked at from the perspective of the brain. Now my question is, is the brain a metaphor? Is this also a metaphor that will lose its meaning in time?

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02:08 If we were to understand the subject fully, we would comprehend that the brain, in the way that it is generally seen, does not really exist. That which we call the brain in its original form is a ‘pack of data’. A ‘pack of data’ or a ‘pack of knowledge’.

02:50 This is the basis of the statement ‘He observes His knowledge through His knowledge in His knowledge’, This is the case from the macro level, as it is the case for every iota of existence.

03:53 Where Rahman refers to the quantum potential, Rahim explains the formation of existence from the quantum potential.

04:50 Therefore at the macro level, the micro level, the nano level, at all levels of existence the same principal applies; ‘He observes His knowledge through His knowledge in His knowledge’, it decodes and resolves.

05:43 Whats critical is whether we are able to comprehend the reality of what we’ve been explained through the use of examples and metaphors.

07:59 As these metaphors start to resolve themselves they will give way to the reality. We will all be faced with all that is described in the Quran in the form of metaphors.

08:24 So the scientific discoveries of our day... Can we say that they serve Islam?  


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