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10 - Yunus

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. Alif, Lam, Ra... These are the signs of the Book of Wisdom (Hakim; the source of the knowledge of the reality full of wisdom).

  2. Have people been astonished that We revealed to a man among them, “Warn the people and give the good tidings to those who believe they will have a lofty rank of truth (a confirmation by the manifestation of the Names)!” Those who deny the knowledge of the reality said, “Surely, this man is a magician.”

  3. Indeed, your Rabb is Allah, the One who created the heavens and the earth in six stages and then established Himself on the Throne (administers the worlds, which He created from His Names, as He wills [at a deeper level, the word Throne denotes the dimension of unity and oneness of existence]). It is administered with His command (He manifests Himself every instant in yet another wondrous way)! None can intercede with another, unless the essence (the Name composition formed according to his creation purpose) comprising the one in need of intercession allows it! Thus is Allah, your Rabb! So, become aware of your servitude to Him! Will you still not contemplate?

  4. To Him you will return all together (This act of returning is dimensional rather than locational; it denotes the observation within one’s essential reality)... This is the promise of Allah, which He will certainly fulfill! Indeed He originates creation (all created things are created based on the quality of the Name Mubdi collectively and without individuality; the Original Self). Then (at the dimension of individuality), returns (based on the Name Mu’id after returning to one’s essential reality) those that have faith and do the necessary deeds required by their faith (the constructed identity) to their individual persona (the constructed identity [spirit] referred to by the letter “QAF”) in order to give them the consequences of what they deserve (i.e. experience the results of what they manifest). As for those who deny the knowledge of the reality, they will drink from boiling water as a result of their disbelief and suffer a painful suffering.

  5. He (is Allah, who) has made the Sun as light (energy) of life; and the Moon as Nur (regulator of the emotional aspect of man; the effect on the hormonal make-up and the amygdala with the force of gravity) and determined it by stations so that you might know the number of years and calculate... Allah created these in Truth (with the qualities denoted by His Names). Thus He explains His signs in detail for those who can think.

  6. In the alternation of night and day, and what Allah created in the heavens and the earth, there are many signs for those who want to be protected.

  7. Those who doubt they can attain the awareness of the Names through returning (to one’s essential reality; becoming aware of one’s origin) and are pleased and satisfied with the worldly life, and live in their cocoon (the world formed in their brain) and fail to evaluate Our signs...

  8. They are the ones who will live by burning as a result of what they manifest!

  9. As for those who believe and perform the deeds required by their faith, their Rabb will enable them to experience the reality as a result of their faith... Rivers will flow beneath them in Paradises of Bliss (blessings and bounties).

  10. Their call to Allah there will be, “Subhanaka Allahumma – At every instance You create anew and can never be conditioned and restricted by Your creation, we establish incomparability (tanzih) and denote similarity (tasbih) to You (i.e. “We are in constant servitude to You by continually manifesting Your Names”)... And their call to each other will be, “Salam(may the meaning of the Name Salam manifest upon us constantly)... The outcome they reach as a result of their return (to their essential reality) is the realization of, “Al hamdu lillahi Rabb’ul alameen – Hamd (the evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills) belongs to Allah, the Rabb (the absolute source of the infinite meanings of the Names) of the worlds (the universe created within the brain of every individual).

  11. Had Allah hastened evil unto man when they deserved it, just as they hasten in their request of the good, their lives would have ended long ago! We leave those who think they can attain the awareness of the Names by returning (to their essential reality; becoming aware of their origin) in their excessive ways, wandering blindly.

  12. When man experiences an affliction, he turns to Us and seeks help as he lies down, as he sits, or while he stands! But when We take him out of that affliction into ease, he walks away as though he never prayed to Us regarding that affliction! Thus the deeds of the transgressors are adorned to them.

  13. Indeed, We have destroyed the generations before you because of their wrongdoing and denial despite Rasuls coming to them as clear proofs... Thus we requite people in error!

  14. Then, after them, We made you vicegerents upon the earth, that We might see how you would behave.

  15. And when Our signs are recited to them as clear proofs, those who doubt they can attain the awareness of the Names comprising their essence by returning (to their essential reality; becoming aware of their origin) said, “Bring a Quran other than this, or alter it.” Say, “It is not for me to alter it of my own accord... I follow only what is revealed to me... If I rebel against my Rabb I will surely fear the suffering of that severely intense period.”

  16. Say, “Had Allah willed, I would not have recited it to you and He would not have notified you of its existence! Indeed, I spent a lifetime among you before... Will you not use your intellect and understand?”

  17. Who does more wrong than the one who slanders against Allah or denies His existence in His signs (the manifestations of His Names)? Indeed, the wrongdoers will not be liberated!

  18. They deify things besides Allah, things that are neither harmful nor beneficial! And they say, “These are our intercessors in the sight of Allah”... Say, “Are you informing Allah of something He knows not in the heavens and the earth?” Subhan He is! Free and beyond what they associate with Him.

  19. Mankind was not but a single nation (created upon the natural disposition of Islam), but then they differed! (This is a reference to an ongoing phenomenon rather than a one-time incident. It denotes the reality that every human, in terms of its creation, is based on the natural disposition of Islam, yet differs after identifying with the belief system of the parents.) Had it not been for a word that preceded from their Rabb (the decree regarding living the requirements of servitude), He would have judged between them about what they differ.

  20. They say, “Should a miracle not have been sent to him?”... Say, “The unknown is only for Allah! Wait! I am also with you among those who wait.”

  21. When We give the people a taste of grace and beauty after adversity, immediately they begin to strategize against Our signs... Say, “Allah is swifter in strategy... Indeed, Our Rasuls are recording what you conspire.”


    Unable to see that the adversity they are exposed to is the consequence of their own deeds, they think the grace that comes after it is a sign that their deeds are not wrong and that they are on the right path. So Allah does not correct their assumption and He allows them to continue in the wrong, hence increasing their suffering. Thus, their false assumption is their conspiracy, and allowing them to continue in their wrong ways is the strategy of Allah.

  22. HU enables you to travel on land and sea... When you are sailing in ships, and rejoicing in calm winds, a storm will hit and the waves will surge and strike from all sides! And when they think they are encompassed by the waves and in danger, they will believe that all formations are in Allah’s hands of power and will pray to Him, “If You save us from this, we will surely be of the thankful.”

  23. But when He saves them, they will immediately start rampaging on the land unjustly... O mankind, your wrongfulness and rampage will only cause harm to you! You will enjoy the fleeting pleasures of the worldly life, and then to Us will be your return! (And that is when) We will inform you of (the reality of) your deeds!

  24. The life of the world is like the water, which We disclose from the sky, with which the plants of the earth, that humans and animals eat, have been formed. And when the earth reaches its finest appearance with its produce, and the people think they are powerful and in control, Our command will manifest suddenly in an instant of the night or day! And We will convert it into a field of stubble as though it had not flourished the day before! Thus do We detail Our signs for a people who contemplate!

  25. Allah invites to the land of Salam (a state of existence based on the forces inherent in one’s essence beyond bodily limitations) and guides whom He wills to the straight path (as-sirat al-mustaqim).

  26. For the doers of good (ihsan) is the Beautiful (Names) and more (pleasure). No darkness (egotism) will cover their faces (consciousness), nor derogation (which results from deviating from one’s essence). Those are the companions of Paradise; they will abide therein eternally!

  27. As for those who have earned bad deeds, the recompense (consequence) of their bad deed will be its equivalent! Derogation will cover them... They have no (force) to protect them from Allah enforcing the consequences of their deeds upon them... It is as if the darkness of the night has covered their faces (consciousness)... They will be companions of hell eternally!

  28. And the time when We will gather them all together... We will say to the dualists, “Go to your places, you and those you associate”... Then We will separate them! Their partners will say, “You were not serving us (you were worshipping your delusive ideas).”

  29. “Sufficient is Allah as a witness between us... Indeed, we were oblivious of the essence of your servitude!”

  30. There, every being will experience the consequences of what it previously sent forth! They will be returned to Allah, their True Protector, and lost will be their fantasies (objects of worship)!

  31. Say (to the dualists), “Who provides for you from the heavens and the earth? Or to whom belongs the powers of hearing and sight? Who brings the living (the consciousness of being alive with the Names of the Hayy) out of the dead (the futile state of corporeal existence) and brings the dead (the state of being blinded to the reality of one’s self or the reality of others; confining one’s existence only to the body and assuming life is going to end once the body deteriorates under the soil) out of the living (while in respect of his essential reality he is alive)? Who carries out the judgment?” They will say, “Allah”... Say, “Then why don’t you be of the protected ones?”

  32. That is Allah! Your True Rabb... What can you accept besides the truth, other than error (corrupt ideas)? (So then) how are you averted?

  33. Thus the word of your Rabb, “They will not believe” has come into effect.

  34. Say, “Are there any among those you associate who can manifest creation and then return it (to its essence)?” Say, “Allah manifests creation and then returns them to their essence... How are you deluded?”

  35. Say, “Who among your partners can guide to the Truth?” Say, “Allah guides to the Truth... Who is more worthy of being followed, One who guides to Truth, or one who is inadequate to find the Truth for himself? What is wrong with you? How do you judge?”

  36. Most of them follow only their assumptions! Indeed an assumption cannot replace the Truth! Undoubtedly, Allah knows what they do (as their essence with His Names).

  37. This Quran is not the invention of those besides Allah! On the contrary, it is a confirmation of what was before it, and a detailed source of the knowledge of the reality, from the Rabb of the worlds!

  38. Or do they say, “Muhammad (saw) made it up!” Say, “Then bring forth a surah similar to it and call upon whomever you can besides Allah (for assistance)! If you are true to your word.”

  39. No! They denied that which they do not encompass in knowledge and the reality of which has not yet been revealed to them... Thus did those before them deny! Have a look and see how the wrongdoers ended up!

  40. And of them are those who will believe (the Quran) and those who won’t believe! Your Rabb knows better the corrupters (as their essence with His Names).

  41. If they insist on denying you, say, “For me are my deeds and for you are your deeds! You are far from what I do and I am far from what you do!”

  42. And among them are those who lend an ear to you as though they are listening... But can you make the deaf (those unable to perceive) hear? Especially if they are also unable to use their reason!

  43. And among them are those who look at you... But can you show the blind the right path, if they are deprived of insight?

  44. Indeed, Allah does not wrong the people, even by an iota! It is the people who wrong themselves!

  45. And at the time He will gather them it will be as if they had not lived (in the world) more than an hour and met each other then... Those who denied the meeting (becoming aware of their essence, the Names) will surely be in loss... They were not suitable for guidance.

  46. And whether We show you some of what We promised them or We take you in death and you do not see it (nothing will change on their behalf) to Us will be their return... Then Allah is a witness over what they do.

  47. There is a Rasul (an informer of the Truth) for every nation... When their Rasul comes, it will be judged between them in justice (according to what they deserve)... They will not be wronged.

  48. They say, “If you are truthful, when is the fulfillment of this promise (resurrection)?”

  49. Say, “I possess no harm nor benefit for myself other than what Allah wills... Every nation has an appointed time... When their time has come, they cannot postpone it for an hour, nor can they advance it.”

  50. Say, “Did you see (consider this): If suffering should come to you from Him in an instant of the night or day, what part of it would the guilty ones seek to hasten?”

  51. Will you believe when (adversity) afflicts you? Or NOW? (Yet) you wanted to experience it with urgency!

  52. Then the wrongdoers were told, “Taste the eternal suffering”... “Are you not only living the direct consequences of your own actions?”

  53. They ask you “Is it (the suffering) true?”... Say, “Yes, by my Rabb, indeed, it is true! You will not be able to escape it!”

  54. And if each individual (consciousness) that wronged (itself) owned everything on earth it would surely offer it as ransom! When they see the suffering, they will not even have the strength to show their regret! The judgment has been made among them according to what they deserve... They will not live anything other than what they deserve!

  55. Know with certainty that whatever is in the heavens and the earth it is indeed for Allah (they are the manifestations of the meanings denoted by His Names). Know with certainty that Allah informs of the Truth... But the majority of them do not know.

  56. HU gives life and takes life! To Him you will return (you will experience at the level of ‘Reality of Certainty [haqq al-yakeen] that your essence is comprised of and created with the Names)!

  57. O mankind! There has come to you advice from your Rabb, a healing (the remedy of healthy thought) for what is within you (consciousness), guidance (to lead you to the reality) and grace for those who believe.

  58. Say, “Let them rejoice (in the things listed above) as the bounty of Allah and with His grace (not with empty fleeting pleasures)! That (what is lived with grace) is better than what they accumulate (of worldly values).”

  59. Say, “Did you consider what Allah has disclosed to you of provision, of which you have made some unlawful and some lawful?” Say, “Has Allah permitted you, or are you slandering against Allah?”

  60. What do those, who lie and slander about Allah, think about the Doomsday period? Indeed, Allah possesses bounty for the people... But the majority of them are not thankful (they do not duly evaluate this as the blessing of Allah).

  61. Whatever state you are in, whether you are reading the Quran, or doing something else, while you are involved in it, We are always a witness over you... Nothing on the earth (body) or in the heavens (consciousness) of an atom’s weight is hidden from your Rabb! (In fact) even that which is smaller or greater than it, is recorded in a Clear Book (the field of waves comprising the origin of existence; raw Data)!

  62. Know with certainty! There will be no fear for the guardians (waliyy) of Allah, nor will they be grieved.

  63. Those who have believed and accomplished protection.

  64. There are good tidings for them both in the worldly life and in the eternal life to come... Never will the words of Allah change! This is the great liberation!

  65. Let not their words grieve you... Indeed honor belongs entirely to Allah... He is the Sami, the Aleem.

  66. Know with certainty! Whatever is in the heavens and the earth is indeed for Allah (for Allah to observe the qualities denoted by His Names in His knowledge, thus He has created everything from His Names with the qualities they denote)... (Then) those who pray to things other than Allah, to which they associate partnership, cannot follow this truth (due to their state of duality)... They follow only their assumptions (based on their illusions) and they only lie.

  67. HU made the night for you so that you may find tranquility in it, and the day for you to see and evaluate what is necessary... Indeed, there are signs in this for people who can perceive.

  68. They said, “Allah has taken a son”. Subhan is He! HU is the Ghani (free and beyond being limited and conditioned by His creation)... Whatever is in the heavens is for Him (for the manifestations of the meanings of His Names)... You have no inherent proof for this (claim)! You speak of Allah without knowledge!

  69. Say, “Surely those who invent lies about Allah will not be liberated!”

  70. They will benefit from the world temporarily and then to Us will be their return! Then We will make them taste the severe suffering for denying the reality.

  71. Tell them about Noah... How he said to his people, “O my people! If my position and reminding you of the signs of Allah has become burdensome on you, then I have relied on Allah (I believe the Name Wakil in my essence will fulfill its function)! So, do whatever you like, you and your associates, and don’t feel anxious about it! And then carry out your verdict concerning me without further ado.”

  72. “If you turn away (because of this, then do so) I did not ask you for any reward... My reward (the return of what I do) belongs to Allah alone... I have been commanded to be of those who live in submission.”

  73. But they denied him (still)... So We saved him and those with him in the ship and made them vicegerents... And We drowned those who denied Our signs! Have a look and see the end of those who were warned!

  74. Then (after Noah) We disclosed Rasuls as clear signs (special configurations of Names) to many nations... But again, they failed to believe in that which they denied before... Thus We seal the hearts (lock the consciousness) of those who transgress!

  75. Then after them We disclosed Moses and Aaron as Our signs to the Pharaoh and the eminent ones among his people... But they were arrogant and became a guilty people.

  76. When the Truth came to them from Us, they said, “Indeed, this is clearly magic.”

  77. Moses said, “Is this how you evaluate the Truth? Is this magic? Magicians will never succeed.”

  78. They said, “Did you come to turn us away from the belief of our forefathers and establish power on the earth? We are not believers in you (Moses and Aaron).”

  79. The Pharaoh said, “Bring to me every learned magician!”

  80. So when the magicians gathered, Moses said to them, “Throw what you will.”

  81. And when they threw, Moses said, “What you put forth is only your force of magic! Indeed, Allah will render it obsolete! Allah does not allow the work of the corrupters to end with a positive outcome!”

  82. Allah will establish the Truth by His Words! Even if the guilty dislike it!

  83. No one believed Moses among his people, except a group of youth, for fear of Pharaoh and his leaders... Indeed, Pharaoh was an oppressive sovereign upon the earth! Indeed, he was of the squanderers!

  84. Moses said, “O my people! If you are of those who have believed in and submitted to Allah, who created you with His Names, then place your trust in Him (believe the Name Wakil in your essence will fulfill its function).”

  85. They said, “We have placed our trust in Allah (we believed in the meaning of the Name Wakil, the One who provides the means for self-actualization. The One who advocates and protects those who place their trust in Him, providing them with the most auspicious outcomes. He who believes in the potential of the Name Wakil in his own essence, will have confirmed his faith in all the Names [all his potentials]. The source of the mystery of vicegerency lies in this Name!)... Our Rabb, do not make us suffer for their wrongdoing!”

  86. “Manifest Your grace upon us and save us from the people who deny the knowledge of the reality.”

  87. We revealed to Moses and his brother, “Prepare houses for your people in Egypt... Make your houses places of worship and establish salat... Give good tidings to the believers.”

  88. Moses said, “Our Rabb! Indeed, it is You who has given worldly splendor and wealth to the Pharaoh and his leaders... Our Rabb, was it so they lead (people) astray from your way? Our Rabb, obliterate their wealth and give distress to their hearts! For they will not believe until they see a painful suffering.”

  89. (Allah) said, “Your prayer has been answered... So stand straight... Do not follow the path of the ignorant!”

  90. We took the Children of Israel across the sea... The Pharaoh and his army transgressed and pursued them in enmity... Until, when drowning overtook him, he said, “I have believed, there is no god, there is only the One in which the Children of Israel believe. I am of the Muslims.”

  91. “NOW? But you had disobeyed before and were of the corrupters!”

  92. Today We will deliver your corpse to the shore so that it may be a lesson for those who come after you! But many of the people are indeed cocooned from Our signs!

  93. We have indeed settled the Children of Israel in a prominent and safe land... We provided them with clean and pure things... They did not fall into separation until knowledge came to them (with knowledge differences in opinions and interpretations arose)... Indeed, your Rabb will judge between them in the period of Doomsday, concerning that over which they differ.

  94. If you are in doubt about what We have revealed to you (o man) ask those who READ Our signs in the worlds before you! Indeed the Truth has come to you from your Rabb... So do not be of those who doubt!

  95. Do not be of those who deny the manifest signs of Allah! (If you do) you will be of the losers.

  96. Indeed, those upon whom the word (the eternal verdict) of your Rabb has come into effect will not believe!

  97. Even if every miracle came to them (they will still not believe)... Until they see the painful suffering!

  98. If only the people of a single city believed and reaped the benefits of this faith! Except the people of Jonah (who felt the coming of the suffering after Jonah left them and collectively repented and believed)... When they believed, We lifted from them the suffering of worldly degradation and allowed them to benefit (from Our blessings) for a set period.

  99. Had your Rabb (the reality of the Names comprising your essence) willed, all those who live on earth would surely have believed, all of them entirely... So then, will you compel the people to become believers?

  100. And it is not for a soul to believe unless the unique composition of Allah’s Names comprising his essence permits. And He will place (intellectual) defilement upon those who fail to evaluate reasonably!

  101. Say, “Observe what is in the heavens and the earth!” But of no avail those signs will be to a people who do not believe!

  102. Do they wait for the like (of the suffering) of those who came before them? Say, “Then wait... I am with you among those who wait.”

  103. Then (when the suffering comes) We will save our Rasuls and those who have believed... It is an obligation upon Us to save the believers.

  104. Say, “O people! If you are in doubt as to my religion (then know that) I will not worship the things you worship besides Allah! I only serve Allah, the One who will cause your death! I have been commanded to be of the believers.”

  105. (And I have been commanded): “Direct your face as a Hanif toward the Religion (direct your spirituality and consciousness, the essence of which is a configuration of Names, to the formless essential reality of what is perceived as the corporeal worlds, free from all conceptualized ideas of god) and do not in any way be of the dualists (do not assume the existence of externalized gods besides Allah and associate partnership to Him)!”

  106. “Do not turn to things besides Allah, which can neither give you benefit nor harm! If you do this, you will indeed become of those who wrong themselves!”

  107. And if Allah should afflict you with an adversity, none can lift it other than Him! If He wills a good for you, none can repel His bounty either! He causes His bounty to reach whom He wills of His servants... He is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

  108. Say, “O people... Indeed the Truth has come to you from your Rabb! So, whoever turns to the reality he will have turned for his own self, and whoever goes astray, he would only have gone against his own self! I am not your Wakil (the guide of your essence and consciousness).”

  109. (My Rasul) follow what has been revealed to you and be patient until the judgment of Allah becomes manifest... He is the best of judges.

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