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How Should We Understand the Literature on Doomsday?

The day the Horn will be blown! We will resurrect the wrongdoers that day; their eyes will be filled with terror. They will murmur among themselves, “You remained (in the world) only for ten (hours).”

We (as their essential reality) know better what they will say; the most learned of them will say, “You stayed only one day.”

They ask you of the mountains... Say, “My Rabb will turn them into dust and scatter them.” “He will leave their places bare and flat.” “You will see neither pits there nor any humps.” (20. Ta-Ha: 102-107)

Had we revealed this Quran (this truth) upon a mountain (the ego) you would have seen it humbled and shattered to pieces in awe of Allah (the realization of the nothingness of his ego or seeming ‘self’ in respect to the One denoted by the name Allah). And these examples (symbolic language) We present to mankind so that they will contemplate. (59. Al-Hashr:21)


- The Sun engulfed the earth and melted it away. The real human brain, what you know as the spirit is present there will all of its life knowledge.

- Stem cells contain original data, the original data of creation. The original data of creation is present in the Brain, the real Brain that you know as the spirit.

-Most of the literature regarding Doomsday is metaphoric. They are allegorical descriptions.

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