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The Form of Knowledge and the Multidimensional Hologram

Data willed! (When we will for something to occur it takes form after the command ‘Be!’ in that ‘instant’)

“I created the worlds to be known and Adam to know!”

The month of Ramadan is the month of fasting…

Those who can fast by duly accomplishing the requisites of faith will celebrate the eid of having reached the ability to recognize and experience the divine forces. This will be the joy of breaking fast for the believer.

Those who simply starve themselves and feel nothing other than hunger will also celebrate, however their celebration will go no further than satiating their taste buds and filling their stomachs. 

As for those in between, everyone will experience the results based on the depth and degree of their fasting.

Those who’ve been brainwashed and conditioned to think in a particular way will obviously live the consequences of their inability to adapt to the “Renewed.” 

The operating system Windows works only on computers with an Intel or AMD platform. Just like the conditioned brains that have been raised with the religious teachings offered through ‘Quran courses’ and ‘Religious Schools.’

The Form of Knowledge and the Multidimensional Hologram

Linux on the other hand is platform-free. It runs on all computers.  From Apple to Amiga, from workstations with Sun Sparc operating system to the worlds fastest computer Tianhe-1A, it runs on all platforms including the ones that run Windows. Just like the brains who can evaluate the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw) and travel among the manifestations of Allah without limitation and judgment (the operating system of the Renewer.)

Whosoever is able to transform their salat into miraj (ascension), put their faith into practice and experience the reality of fasting will be rewarded according to the secret of the divine principle “Fasting is for me and it I who shall reward it!” 

Some will be among the rewarded with their bodies, while resting in the shade of the Throne with their essence, and some will go back to playing house after the reality becomes evident to them, due to emotionalism and sentimentality.

Has there not been a time, when man was not a thing even mentioned?[1] 

The word man here refers to “data”, aka the “point”, “The Reality of Muhammad”, “The Perfect Man.

Dahr (time) is the infinite array of data and points in the sight of Allah, to which we refer to as “Allahu Akbar”. The verse above connotes that this array is so infinitely vast that a single data on a single point amongst the endless infinite points is not worth mentioning in the sight of Allah.

The knowledge pertaining to the Absolute Essence (dhat) informs us of this from the Dimension of Names, upon this we claim, “Allahuakbar!”

FatabarakALLAHu ahsanul Khalikeen!

Exalted is Allah, the most beautiful of Creators![2]

Data willed to observe its knowledge with its knowledge in its knowledge…

It willed to be known and thus appeared as Muhammad (saw).

It willed to observe and experience and thus disclosed Adam (that which does not essentially exist; a virtual reality) to observe itself in the mirror of the brain!

‘Data’ which is essentially a reference to the dimension of names cannot be described in and of itself. Only through the First Reflection appearing and manifesting as the Reality of Muhammad (saw) all of the qualities of the Names will be disclosed and this will continue as differing manifestations ad infinitum. 

The Reality of Muhammad observed itself with all its glory through the brain of Muhammad Mustapha (saw). Hence we say Muhammad (saw) is the most magnificent being. The profound source of knowledge, the Quran was revealed through him. He is the most perfect mirror reflecting the pinnacle of the Reality of Muhammad, no other creation can reflect this reality as comprehensively and holistically as he was able to.

One who takes a single sip of the wine of heaven formed by the glance of the Reality of Muhammad will become so drunk, none can fathom it other than the one who experiences it…

When Shams al-Tabrizi made Mewlana Jalaladdin al-Rumi, a revered saint and scholar, drink a single glass of the infinite ocean of the wine of paradise, he was so drunk in love that the force of that love made him write the Diwan al-Kabir and claim, “Today Ahmad is I, but not the Ahmad of yesterday.” Who knows to which secret he was pointing with these words?

The Perfect Man (aka the Reality of Muhammad) observes the multidimensional single frame picture (the multiverses) as the function of the First Intellect, at every instance.

Sayyid Abdulkareem Jilani (Jili), from whom I have gained much enlightenment, says in his book “The Perfect Man”, ”the worlds have been created from the spark of illusion!”

At every instant it comes into and out of existence with the spark of illusion as the multidimensional single frame picture and is observed as the station of names.

Data! All the Names of which we have been informed and those of which we have not been informed points to His qualities. These qualities comprise the ink of the single frame picture.

Data is the inner depths of Ahadiyyah, no thought can touch this place. We are told that it derives its existence from the knowledge pertaining to the Absolute Essence (dhat) through the channel of Ahadiyyah. A writing I had penned many years ago The witness of the Absolute Essence (Shuhud-u Dhat ) was in reference to this truth. As a result of this The Unity of Witness (Wahdat-i Shuhud) may be experienced through divine condescension, and then the unity of existence (wahdat-i wujud) as the condescension of this station. All of this transpires within the scope of the station of the Names.

Data! Unity (Wahidiyyah) draws our attention to the fact that all of the qualities referenced by the names pertain to His SINGULARITY.

Data! Enables us to recognize the Ahadiyyah (oneness) with His name HU (absolute essence). Ahadiyyah points to the Absolute Essence (dhat) beyond the door that opens from within one’s depths. It explains that the qualities referred to as the Names are created with the light of illusion for the purpose of observation and discovery.

Data! Is a point in the sight of Allah in terms of his Uluhiyyah. Allah is Akbar!

Data bears witness that none other than Allah exists. Yet the One who bears witness to this is no other than Itself, in the guise of the manifestation of the name as-Shahid.

Remember the one who said, “For years I thought I was doing dhikr for the One, only to realize it was Him doing dhikr to Himself all along”!

Your pre-eternal and post-eternal existence is comprised of data. These names do not point to time and space, they point to dimensionality.

Everything comes from Him (dimensionally) and returns to Him. This takes place at every instance, in the sight of the Observer. Yet even this is a perception. In essence time, space and dimensions do not exist.

The present moment is Muhyi (The giver of life. The One who enlivens and enlightens! The One who enables enlightenment through true knowledge and the observation of one’s essential reality) and Mumit (The bringer of death. The One who enables a ‘taste’ (experience) of death. The One who allows a transition between one state of existence into another). It is Baith (The resurrector. The One who constantly transforms new dimensions of existence). It brings to life, transforms and brings into another life in the next moment.

Data is Rahman (the materialization of the essence of every iota, with Allah’s Names in His Knowledge; the quantum potential). Data is the totality of all the qualities denoted by the Names. While the name al-Wahid points to the fact that the qualities referenced by the Names belong to a single One, the name Rahman points to the infinite qualities pertaining to that Singularity.

Data is Rahim (Rahim is the name that brings the infinite qualities of Rahman into engendered existence. In this sense, it is the ‘observation’ of the potential). It manifests anew at every instance the multidimensional single frame picture sketched by the Pen. A single system (sunnatullah) comprising the whole, from the micro levels to the macro levels.

Data gives life to all forms within the multidimensional single frame picture, with knowledge.

It is the Rabb of the worlds; the Fatir (the One who creates everything programmed according to its purpose), the Bari (the designer, the One who fashions all of creation with unique functions and designs), the Badi (the originator, the One who originates innumerable manifestations, all with unique and exclusive qualities).

Data enables the continuation of servitude for every individual unit of existence within the worlds, based on their purpose of manifestation. 

Data is beyond being limited by its manifestations and the qualities its names reference.

Data has brought into existence from nothingness the multiverses within the multidimensional single frame picture, with knowledge, in knowledge.

The Form of Knowledge and the Multidimensional Hologram

Think of a human hologram. It has a relative existence, it speaks and moves… Others can perceive it, but it derives its existence from its projector. If the projector stops working the human will immediately disappear (remember that the worlds exist and subsist with divine observation).

Thus, the multiverses comprising the multidimensional single frame picture are comprised of a holographic reality.

This holographic multidimensional universe is the result of the observation of knowledge, in his knowledge with his knowledge!

The worlds have been created with the spark of illusion!

The essence of the worlds is a dream!

Anqa (Phoenix) is the name of a bird whose name exists but its ‘self’ doesn’t!

Existence is an illusion produced by the delusive one.

Such claims have all been made by the intimates of the reality in the past. What do you think they were really pointing to?

“Whatever everyone is created for that will be eased and facilitated for them. This is why each will succeed in what he has been created for.“ Does this refer only to humans or to every form within the multidimensional universe projecting from a single point?

Say, “Everyone acts according to his own creation program (natural disposition; fitrah)” This is why your Rabb (who is the Fatir) knows best who is on the right path!”[3]

No calamity befalls you on earth (on your physical body and outer world) or among yourselves (your inner world) that has not already been recorded in a book (formed in the dimension of the knowledge)before We bring it into being! Indeed, for Allah, this is easy.

We inform you of this in order that you do not despair over your losses or exult (in pride) over what We have given you, for Allah does not like the boastful and the arrogant![4]

 “While it is Allah who created you and all your doings!”[5]

You cannot will unless Allah wills (your will is Allah’s will)![6]  

Notice that all of these verses and explanations are to explicate the stages of the observation of His knowledge in His Knowledge.

The Quran is al-Kareem. It is the source of abundant knowledge. Unmatched, for the one who can actually READ it.

“If he opens one’s consciousness to Islam, divine knowledge (Nur) will manifest from him.”

Whosoever comprehends the non-existence of his existence, the One will claim I AM through him, and as-Sami (The All-hearing One who perceives His manifestations at every instance) will perceive this.

The blind will live as far as their eyes allow them to, the Basir (the One who observes and evaluates) on the other hand, will perceive the whole of manifestation.

The blind, deaf and dumb one is the one who lives within the limits of his physical eyes, ears and tongue.

The divine garden is rich in variety! All serve a purpose. 

If one has not been created for the purpose of recognizing the reality then however great their rank, education level, social status etc may be, they will never be able to reach the reality. 

They will not question, contemplate, or research. They will accept without question the absurd concept of a god sitting in the throne who sent his son to earth instead!

A God sitting on a throne in space! He has an army, a face, hands and feet. Sometimes he descends to earth, or sends spirits and angels, whose journey takes 50 thousand years (according to the speed of camels or light, nobody knows)… 

They accept these absurdities without question, without contemplation, as if it’s a great skill to able to do so. And then they give themselves titles and ranks because of this.

Although it is clear that such expressions are metaphoric and symbolic, that they need to be deciphered and decoded, their conditionings overweigh the importance of this.

For they too have been created to fulfill the requisites of their servitude, which is obviously being fulfilled in this way.

So now please think without judgment or prejudice, realistically and objectively…

Are you of those who has come into existence from the “amaof nothingness with the light of knowledge” to observe knowledge with knowledge and experience the blessings of “selfless fasting”? Can you fast consecutively some times? Or does your ‘humanness’ weigh heavier in Ramadan?

Does your fasting enable you to experience the Night of Power (Qadir) when the whole of existence meets nonexistence in the dark of the night? Does the spirit (knowledge) and the angels (forces; names) become revealed to you and become your eyes to see with, your ears to hear with, your speech to talk with and hands to hold with, enabling you feel your non-existence?

Can you comprehend who it is that you’re actually interacting with, from whom the call is coming?

Do the divine morals become exposed to you  as you experience the reality of true fasting as the result of your faith?

Or do you begin to eat the flesh of your brother long before its even time to break fast?

Anyway, we’ve delved in too deep; perhaps we should complete this chapter with a story:

I realized recently that our TV has a superiority complex, it keeps looking down at the 130cm TV in the next room and boasts on about its own ‘great’ size. Its only 180 cm big, the poor thing has no clue about the 265 cm plasma TV yet!

Last night I heard it going on about how he’s the greatest; I asked him, “What makes you think so?” He said, “Cant you see? The whole universe with all its billions of galaxies are all within me!”

My eyes shifted to the program that was playing and I realized it was the documentary called ‘The Universe’. Indeed the universe was being screened at HD quality with all its glory and magnificence! It was amazing, hundreds and billions of galaxies, stunning images…

The 180 cm TV continued to boast, “I’m the greatest, the universe is in me, look at how all the galaxies fit inside me!!”

Our TV used to receive normal cable broadcast before, but after the 30 odd HD channels that were added to him via the satellite he became a little arrogant. I think he got a little carried away thinking the images he was projecting belonged to him. Clearly he was unaware of the satellite, because he was able to broadcast all sorts of different shows based on the choice of the audience, so he thought he was limitless, little did he know that he was completely limited by the satellite. In short, he thought he was the universe. He had no idea about either the satellite from which he was receiving the broadcast, nor did he know he was merely a device that projected incoming broadcast. He had no understanding of the fact that he was being uploaded with various waves, which were then being decoded by his brain and being reflected on the screen. 

O dear satellite!

I wonder what other interesting things you’re going to put my poor TV through…

I only watch him; I don’t interfere, as this is what he has been designed. He has been designed to reflect the waves that reach him. He can’t wash clothes or be a refrigerator!

The verse says we have given many examples for those who think.

Thank you my dear TV for the many lessons you have taught me, I love you.

Yes my dear friends, blessed may be this month of Ramadan, this brief period in which we get a chance to taste the essence of fasting.

 Ahmed Hulusi

10 September 2007

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