25. Al-Furqan

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Sublime is He who revealed the furqan (the criterion by which the reality may be differentiated from falsity) to his servant as a warner to the worlds (all humanity).

2. The existence of the heavens and the earth is for Him! He is free from the concept of begetting a child! He has no partner in all of existence! It is He who has created all things and formed them according to His determination!

3. Yet they have taken deities besides Him, who create nothing and are created themselves, who have no power to cause benefit or harm to themselves, and who have no attribute to form life, or death, or life after death.

4. Those who deny the knowledge of the reality say, “This (Quran) is only a lie that he has forged. And others (the Jews) have helped him at it”... In truth, they have committed a great injustice and perjury.

5. They said, “These are the fables of the past that he has had written down, to read in the morning and evenings.”

6. Say, “It has been revealed by the One who knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth! Indeed, He is the Ghafur, the Rahim.”

7. They said, “What kind of a Rasul is he? He eats food and walks about in the markets... Shouldn’t an angel have been sent to him, accompanying him as a warner?”

8. “Or shouldn’t he have been given a treasure or a garden with exclusive produce...” The wrongdoers spoke among each other saying, “You are following a man who is bewitched.”

9. Look how they went astray because of the comparisons (incorrect evaluations) they made to you! They can no longer find a way out!

10. Exalted is He who, if He wills, can give you better things than this; who can form Paradises underneath which rivers flow and make palaces for you.

11. But they denied the Hour (their eternal life to commence ensuing death)... And We have prepared a blazing fire for those who deny the consequences of that Hour.

12. They will hear its outburst of rage and intense roar even before they enter it (while they are in the dimension of the grave).

13. When they are bound (helpless) and thrown into a narrow space, they will plead for death (they will realize death is the only way out from the suffering that has befallen them).

14. “Wish for not one death but many deaths today! (Alas, you shall not die!)

15. Say, “Is this better or the Paradise that has been promised to those who protect themselves? That Paradise is the consequence (of their life) and a place of return (to their essence).”...

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