34. As-Saba

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Hamd be to Allah, to whom everything in the heavens (levels of consciousness) and earth (the body) belongs! And Hamd belongs to Him in the eternal life to come as well! HU is the Hakim, the Habir.

2. He knows whatever goes into the earth (the body) and whatever comes forth from it; and whatever is disclosed from heaven (consciousness) and whatever (dimensionally) ascends to it... HU is the Rahim, the Ghafur.

3. Those who deny the knowledge of the reality say, “The hour (of death by which the reality will become apparent) will not come to us”... Say, “No, I swear by my Rabb, the knower of the unknown, that it will indeed come to you! Not even an iota’s weight in the heavens and the earth is hidden from Him! (In fact) what is even smaller than that or greater, are all in the Clear Book (the ‘world of acts,’ which is the manifest world).

4. (This is so) that He may reward those who believe and fulfill the requisites of their faith! There is forgiveness for them and a generous sustenance of life.

5. As for those who rush about to invalidate Our signs, for them there is an intense suffering (filth, illusion).

6. Those to whom the knowledge has been given, know that what has been revealed to you is the Truth itself guiding to the reality of the One who is the Aziz, the Hamid.

7. Those who deny the knowledge of the reality say, “Shall we show you the man who claims to be a Nabi and that you will be (recreated) in a new creation after completely disintegrating into dust and particles?”

8. “Has he invented a lie about Allah or is he afflicted with madness?” On the contrary, those who do not believe in their eternal life to come are in suffering and a deviation that is extremely far (from the reality).

9. Did they not see what is before them and after them (past and future) of the heaven (consciousness) and earth (the body)? If We should will, We could cause the earth to swallow them (drown them in corporeality by means of our Names) or make fragments from the sky fall upon them (turn all their thoughts upside down)! Indeed, there is a sign in this for every servant who turns (to his reality).

10. Indeed, We bestowed a favor upon David from Us. We said, “O mountains (beings with an ego) repeat My tasbih with him and the birds (those who observe with the knowledge)!” And We softened (belief in the reality) for him that which is sharp (iron-bullet like truth).

11. “Form an exquisite thought system to shield you, and fulfill the requisites of your faith! Indeed, I am Basir of what you do.”

12. And to Solomon we subjected (that which moves like the) wind, whose morning course was a month and evening course a month! We caused a fount of copper to flow for him! And by the permissibility of his Rabb, some (the Ifrit type) of the jinni (invisible beings) worked before him. And whoever abandons Our command We will make him taste the suffering of a scorching fire. (If we consider this ‘fount of copper’ in light of the ‘molten copper’ Dhulqarnain uses to build the set against the Agog and Magog, it becomes obvious that this is not in reference to a physical-material situation in the general sense, but to something else altogether. Also taking into account the fact that both Dhulqarnain [one with double horns – or antennas perhaps?] and Solomon had providence over invisible beings, approaching this not as the iron element per se, but the use of the force in its elemental composition may allow us to gain different perspectives. I do not wish to delve into this any further.)...

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