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Allah is not a God! #9

As we all know there are certain words we call ‘synonyms’ where two words mean the same thing.

We thought certain religious words were synonyms, for example we used the word ‘namaz’ to mean ‘salat’... 

We thought “Allah = God” for example, but I never used the word ‘God’ and I saw in your books that you also place a lot of importance on this, you only use the word ‘Allah’ and you always stress the point that ‘God’ or the concept of ‘Godhood’ has nothing to do with Allah. 

I think we should talk a little about this, so if there’s a misunderstanding we could fix it, why is it
not the case? Let’s talk about this.

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01:05 Let me first say this: The greatest Quran interpreter to have emerged from Turkey is Elmalili Hamdi Yazir. He emphasizes that words like ‘god’ ‘deus’ etc. can never be used to reference ‘Allah’, you can’t just call him `Huda`, ‘Allah’ is a name. It has a specific meaning.

02:16 ‘Allah’ on the other hand is a name, it is a name that references a reality with a specific description. This is why in my writings I always say “The One whose name is Allah” to stress this point, when you say “The One whose name is Allah” the brain automatically thinks, “Ok but WHOSE name is Allah? To WHAT is Allah a reference?”

03:57 Look, right now you’re on earth, think of the place of a single human on earth. The earth’s circumference is 40 thousand km’s and its diameter is 13 thousand km’s, think of a human being’s place on this earth!

04:51 Never has a human being that can actually comprehend the enormity of this come into existence! The human brain cannot comprehend this magnitude!

06:08 Your explanation calls to mind how we name things in our own languages. We call this a ‘flower’ for instance, because it has already been named as such. If it were an object unknown to us we would have given it a new name now. When we say ‘the Names of Allah’ and sometimes even add the ‘Beautiful’ Names of Allah, we restrict them, we number them and limit them.

07:44 Then how should we understand this “He who says ‘La ilaha illa Allah’ will go to paradise”? Are we just going to repeat this like I just did...? 

08:33 An atheist is also saying this. But this isn’t sufficient to enter paradise. Why? Because he makes this claim but then he goes about his daily routine getting upset and angry at this and that, yelling and screaming at him or her, his life is (a state of) hell!

09:17 One who LIVES by the truth ‘illa Allah’ will enter paradise, not one who ‘paraphrases’ it! To live this is to view life from the perspective of illa Allah.

10:22 The ego, the illusory self will be removed. He will feel his entire being is the being of Allah. Allah will talk through him, see through his eyes, hold with his hands.



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