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A different Interpretation of Chapter al-Zalzala

1. “When the bioelectrical energy in the nervous system is cut off, the body is shaken with an intense shock and its process of depletion begins;

2. When the Spirit, which is a discrete 'burden' within the body, is released that is, when the holographic radial body is freed from the body;

3. The person who is the same person, will look at his new body and see and feel the difference of his new SPIRIT body and in trying to orient himself with his new body in great astonishment wonder and panic, he will ask "what's with it?"

4-5. The body, with a revelation from its Rabb, will begin to realize its attributes and mechanism its state and consequence, its capabilities, and what it’s been through…

6. That is the moment when death is experienced, and the people are released from their bodies and are resurrected into new bodies to see the consequences of their deeds, they will experience their internal doomsday by leaving their bodies.

7. And even an iota worth of good, whether a simple thought or action will be given its due reward and will be clearly seen in their bodies, their books in their consciousness, clear and apparent.

8. And he who has engaged in even an iota worth of bad thought or deed will see its consequence in their book, i.e. the memory formed by their brain-waves, clear and apparent!” (Chapter al-Zalzala)

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