3. Ali-Imran (137-200)

137. Communities with lifestyles of their own have come and passed before you. Travel the earth (literally or by way of knowledge) and see what has become of those who denied (the reality).

138. This is an explanation (lesson) for the people and guidance and advice for the protected ones.

139. Do not weaken and do not grieve; you are the superior ones, if you are of the believers.

140. If you are touched by (the pain of a) wound, a similar wound has touched other people as well. Such times recirculate among mankind. It is so that the believers can be known by Allah (as the outcome of the manifestations of the Names in their essence) and who bear witness to the reality at the expense of their own lives. Allah does not like those who do wrong (those who do not fulfill their duties to themselves and others).

141. (These events are so) that Allah purifies the believers (through these experiences) and to destroy the coverers of the reality thereby.

142. Or did you think you could enter (experience the state of) Paradise before Allah makes evident who among you are the warriors (those who struggle with perseverance and determination to live the reality) and those who are patiently steadfast on this path!

143. You had certainly wished for martyrdom without having to encounter death. Now you see it, but you keep looking on!

144. Muhammad is no other than the Rasul. Rasuls have come and gone before him too. If he dies or is killed now, will you turn back (from your faith and cause)? And whoever turns back will not harm Allah! Allah will subject the grateful ones to the outcome of their gratefulness (they will experience the results of their evaluation).

145. And it is not for one to die unless it complies with the unchanging program (kitaban muajjala) formed by the Names of Allah in one’s being (B-iznillah)! Whoever wants the blessings of this world, We will give in this world. And whoever wants the blessings of the eternal life to come, that is what We will give to him. We give the consequences (outcomes) of the grateful ones (the product of their evaluation).

146. Many Nabis fought, even though in their company there were those who were experiencing their servitude to their Rabb. They did not slacken with the afflictions that befell them in the way of Allah, nor did they show weakness and succumb. Allah loves those who are steadfast during difficulty.

147. They had said, “Our Rabb, forgive our faults and the extreme ways in our affairs, give us resilience and patience, help us against the deniers of the reality, give us victory.”

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