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Hamburg Conference - How Will The Doomsday Take Place?

Life continues in the dimension in which the spirit lives till when? Till “Doomsday”!

You are free to conceive “Doomsday” as you wish... If you ask me what I understand from“Doomsday”, I can give an answer to it. Of course, you are free to think and believe in whatsoever you wish to.

“When Doomsday takes place, 70.000 angels will drag and bring hell to Earth, Earth is completely surroundedby hell”, says  Muhammed (saw). 

The sun will be so close to humans on Doomsday that people will be roasted in the heat of it and no shady place will be found on that day!!

Now, today what do we know about the Sun?

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01:14 Today, we know that the sun which is 1.333.000 times bigger than the Earth, contains  hellium and  hydrogen- the nuclear energy which is 15 billion degrees centigrate. Can we imagine how hot this 15 billion degrees is??!..

02:08 This thermonuclear energy in the Sun makes hydrogen burn into hellium, and as a result of the burning into hellium, the size of the sun continues to get bigger and bigger and this expansion after a specific time will reach and encompass the orbit of Mercury.

02:45 Long before the Sun reach the orbit of Mercury, its heat will surround the Earth, at which point no living creature including mankind will be left.

03:13 Since spirits of all human beings living on Earthcome into existence by human brains, and as the human bodies are dependent on the Earth’s magnetic force, all spirits will continue living in the gravitation of the so-called “Van Allen Belt”. 

04:15 That’s to say, people will live in the closest area of the gravity of the Earth’s magnetic field and the Rasuls, Nabis and Saints (Waliyy) will live above at the ends of the Earth’s magnetic field in which the Earth’s gravity force is lessened. This was written by a person about 1000 years ago.

05:26 A verse in Quran (78:21) states that: “Indeed, Hell is on route (of all people).” That’s to say, whether a person is a rasul,  a nabi or a saint, a guardian (waliyy), everybody will pass through that dimension, that atmosphere, that medium.

06:18 I told you that in every bit of the universe there are living creatures, conscious forms of life. Just as on the Earth there ar countless other life forms besides us humanbeings which we don’t see.

06:46 The meaning of the word  “Zabani” that is used in the Quran means “to torment”, ”tormenting”. That’s to say, it is the act of catching  humans in their helpless and weak conditions and humiliating them and displaying a kind of power over them.

08:17 In other words, heaven is the dimension of discovering and manifesting the divine powers within you.

08:49 So, such an eternal future awaits all humanity... Man never disappears. Because of a simple law which is; “That which exists will never disappear.”

09:40 These excuses won’t help you tomorrow. Make your own way by using your own mind and knowledge. You are in one-to-one contact with Muhammed (saw).

09:58 Nobody can intervene between you and Allah. This is your life.


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