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Is Man A Product of Evolution?

- There were humanoids living on earth. These humanoids were formed through the process of evolution.

- As indicated by the word "made" (ja'ala) man is a state of consciousness made manifest in the human body or humanoid.

- When this humanoid came to the capacity to be a vicegerent that is, to manifest all of the names of Allah, the spirit was blown into him and hence "man" was made.

- Paradise is to manifest the names of Allah’s Knowledge, Will, Power and act as an agency for His infinite creation.

- The physical aspect of hell as revealed by the Rasul of Allah (saw) is the event of the Sun engulfing earth where some spirits will be stuck within the magnetic field of the Sun.

- Our main topic is that humanoids and man are two different beings. Man is made for paradise and humanoids are created for hell.

- Indeed, We have created and increased in number the majority of the jinn and mankind for the life of hell! They have hearts (consciousness) with which they cannot understand (the reality), they have eyes with which they cannot evaluate what they see, they have ears with which they cannot understand what they hear! They are like cattle (an’am), nay, they are even less conscious of the right way: it is they who are the truly heedless (living in their cocoons)! (Quran 7:179)

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