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80 - Abasa

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. He frowned and turned away!

  2. When the blind man approached him!

  3. How do you know, perhaps he might be purified!

  4. Or perhaps he is going to contemplate on the reminder and that remembrance is going to benefit him!

  5. As for he who thinks himself without need...

  6. You give attention to him!

  7. But what is it to you if he is not purified!

  8. Whereas the one who comes to you with a thirst for knowledge!

  9. He is in awe!

  10. Yet you do not give your attention to him!

  11. No, indeed, it (the Quran) is a reminder.

  12. So whoever wills shall remember it!

  13. It is recorded in honored records,

  14. And exalted and completely purified!

  15. By the hands (forces) of scribes (recording angels).

  16. Noble (dignified, supreme) and dutiful,

  17. Woe to man! May he die (and see the reality)! How he denies!

  18. From what did He create him?

  19. He made him from a sperm-drop, and formed his nature!

  20. Then eased his way.

  21. Then killed and placed him in the grave (body).

  22. Then, when He wills, He will resurrect him from his grave (body).

  23. But no! He has not yet fulfilled what He commanded him (he has not duly fulfilled his vicegerency).

  24. Let man look at what he eats!

  25. We poured that water and made it flow in abundance.

  26. And We split open the earth (and thus),

  27. We caused sprouts to grow therein.

  28. Grapes and fresh plants,

  29. Olives and dates,

  30. Dense gardens of large trees,

  31. Fruits and pastures,

  32. For the benefit of you and your cattle (animals).

  33. When that frightening blast is heard,

  34. At that time, man will flee from his brother,

  35. And from his mother and father,

  36. And from his wife and sons!

  37. At that time, each will be to his own!

  38. (Some) faces that day will be bright,

  39. Laughing, rejoicing at the good news!

  40. (Some) faces that day will be bright,

  41. Covered in darkness!

  42. They, the falsifiers (who are inclined towards falsity), are the very deniers of the knowledge of the reality!

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