Kindness #13

Though we are a people known for being warm and welcoming, indecency is one of the leading problems both in our country (Turkey) and in the world today. How is it that there has been such a drastic reversal of attitude with the increased prevalence of social media hubs like Twitter and facebook?

There is constant bickering, judgment, profanity, cursing... all the things we dare not say in public we easily write about one another, we have a false feeling of safety and inculpability due to the anonimity of hiding behind a keyboard. 

We forget how important it is to be able to see and love your naysayer and your critic. This brings us to the topic of love. Have we fallen far from love? Can this indecency be repaired by learning how to love.

In theory we believe that we should love everything, that we should be in love with the created out of love for the creator... but as soon as we come across the slightest adversity - we forget about all of that.

What would you like to tell us of LOVE?

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01:55 First of all, where there is discrimination - there can be no love. One of your questions earlier started with a mention from the book ‘Truth of Life’ Were you asked if you wanted to come to life in this particular galaxy? Inside the Milky Way? In this solar system?

03:02 If you didn’t have a choice in any of these matters, how can being a Turk or a Kurd or an Arab or Persian be a crime?

04:54 So its senseless to judge anyone due to their state or understanding of life - because they evolved under those specific conditions out of obligation, not by choice.

06:32 His creator created him in this way on purpose! He didn’t obtain his personality and traits from another god in another galaxy! His essential reality is also Allah! What is being manifest through him is also the qualities of the Names of Allah, and they are being manifest in this way due to Allah’s will!

08:00 If you base your existence on this belief, you will love Him regardless of the form through which he becomes manifest. However…if you are foolish and try to pat a snake out of your desire to love everything, the snake will bite you!


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