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Knowledge – Will – Power

We cross the Bridge of Siraat with the three horsemen of Doomsday, and the additional help of other forces:

Knowledge, Will and Power!

Aleem, Mureed, Qadir!

Everything that transpires from our brain is due to the respective expressions of these qualities.

Knowledge refers to the brain’s database…

Will denotes the person’s capacity to apply, or zeal…

And Power is the energy that converts what is willed into action!

At every instance of our lives these three forces are at work… Just as they are present and active within every single one of us, they are also actively functional in the same way in every animate being in the universe!

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01:30 For the name Allah references the creator of us and everything in the universe, who knows His infinite qualities with His Aleem name, who wills to see these qualities through His Mureed name, and who observes them with the power denoted by His Qadir name.

03:21 This circulation of Knowledge-Will-Power is formed simultaneously in the brain and is in full circulation at all times. 

04:36 This is a fixed system. It does not change. “...Whatever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah (to manifest His Names)… Whether you show what is within your consciousness (your thoughts) or conceal it, Allah will bring you to account for it with the quality of the Name al-Hasib.” (Quran 2:284)

06:07 Prayers and curses are also products of the same mechanism of the brain based on one’s database. Every individual’s experience derives from itself. Hence, every experience is a unique one!

08:08 Indeed, he who deserves will find what he deserves. And if he does not deserve it then it will find the doer!

09:30 Knowledge-Will-Power is an intrinsic mechanism inherent in the human structure!

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