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Delusions of Making Contact with the Spirits and Aliens

As for those who, without any proper research on religion, devote themselves to the “realm of the spirits” and receive information from them for the “good” of humanity…

When they see the reality after death:

“When death comes to one of them, he says, “My Rabb, send me back (to the worldly life). So that I might do righteousness in that which I left behind (i.e. a faithful life that I did not heed or give importance to; the potential that I did not utilize and activate).” No! (It is impossible to go back!) His words are invalid! (His request is unrecognized in the system)…” [1]

Despite the frequent reminders in the Quran that there is absolutely no return to the worldly life after death, some people still assert the idea of reincarnation, a belief of Indian origin, that has nothing to do with Islam. 

The biggest pitfall of the spiritualists, or shall I say, the point through which the jinn most commonly deceive them, is through this concept of reincarnation. 

In “Spirit Man Jinn” I explained in detail why reincarnation is unacceptable. I also touched on it in this book, where I explained how through death the brain stops functioning and hence is unable to upload new data to the spirit.

No matter who the deceased may be, even if they are a martyr, there is no way for them to come back to this world with a new body. Here is a Hadith to validate this:

Jabir Bin Abdullah (ra) narrates:

Rawi Jabir’s father was martyred during the battle of Uhud. The Rasul of Allah (saw) asked, 

“O Jabir, why are you so sad?” 

Jabir replied “O Rasul of Allah. My father has been martyred, and he has left behind children and debts!” 

The Rasul of Allah (saw) said, “O Jabir, shall I then give you the glad tidings of how your father was greeted by Allah?” 

− Yes O Rasul! 

− Allah has never spoken to anyone without a veil. Despite this, Allah spoke to your father without a veil, and asked him:

− O my servant, ask of me that I may give..? 

Your father said:

− O my Rabb, reincarnate me (send me back to the world), so that I may be martyred again on your way! 

Upon this Allah said: 


Then your father said:

− O Rabb, then inform those whom I left behind of my situation.

The Rasul of Allah (saw) said:

− Upon this Allah revealed the verse: 

“And never think of those who have been killed in the way of Allah as dead. On the contrary, they are alive with their Rabb receiving provision (from the forces pertaining to their innermost essential reality).”[2]

As can be seen, even the martyrs, who are free to roam around after death, cannot return to the worldly life with a new body.

I presume I have made it clear enough that those who accept reincarnation, are openly denying the teaching of the Rasul of Allah (saw).

The spiritualists have become so used to being under the effects of the jinn that they are unable to objectively evaluate these warnings. 

The jinn have created such a fantasy world…

There are aliens!!! They come from such and such star!!!  They want to govern humanity but they are keeping themselves hidden to avoid chaos. They have godly powers. But they don’t use it to not intervene in the affairs of humanity. They are super benevolent, but they do nothing about the millions who are killing each other!!! 

They don’t influence the thoughts of presidents to stop the wars and save the lives of thousands… even though they can…but one glorious day, with a magic wand, the “Golden Age” is going to magically begin, and everything is going to be perfect!!!

These aliens, who delude humans into thinking they are from outer space, are going to openly reveal themselves to humans in the future!


The people of knowledge can easily recognize this as the play of the ‘jinn’ mentioned in the Quran.

The biggest deception of the jinn in this century is to present themselves as aliens; and seize control of many people via the channel of the psychics they interact with. 

In the past they presented themselves as ‘spirits’ of people who lived in the past, then they claimed to be the spirits of important saints such as “Abdulqadir Jilani” or “Rumi”. Today they most commonly claim to be “aliens” and promise the coming of a “golden age” to people. 

The most common assertions of the jinn who present themselves as aliens are:

“Moses (pbuh), Jesus (pbuh) and Muhammad (saw) along with Bayti Dost, Qadri Dost and Mustafa Molla are appointed and delegated by the aliens, and they are of the jinn; they are not human.

Islam and the Quran are no longer valid, heaven and hell don’t exist, jinn and the Satan are not real.

People are reincarnated and sent back to this world after they die, many times over. The “Book of Knowledge” has replaced the previous sacred books and it is the current source which will be valid until year 3000.

Aliens make contact with humans for the purpose of saving them. They are pure servants of Allah. There are many powers greater than Allah.

Allah has taken form and lives among the people within a system called Beta Gurz. Mankind will become more powerful than Allah in the future…. Etc etc etc….”


The biggest protection against these jinn who easily deceive people with inadequate knowledge of Islam and Sufism, via hallucinations and illusions, is to recite the following verses between 100-500 times every day:

“Rabbi inni massaniyyash shaytanu Bi noosbin wa adhab; Rabbi audhu Bika min hamazatish shayateen wa audhu bika Rabbi an yahduroon. Wa hifzan min qulli shaytanin mareed.”[3]

I have provided great detail on the illogical aspects of the “Book of Knowledge” in Spirit, Man, Jinn, for those who are interested.

In the past they used to appear as saints, especially in graveyards, to trick people and entertain themselves. Now they’ve changed their costume and style and have become the savior aliens!

They make no contribution to the growth and development of humans, they bring no invention, and camouflage this as “non-intervention” thereby diverting mankind from the truths of the afterlife.

The jinn, described as “fire” i.e. whose make-up is radiation, and who have existed on earth since when the earth was a ball of flame, are not intellectually greater than mankind, and hence can’t discern the realities regarding the afterlife very easily.

Due to this, they spend their lives in pursuit of power and control and manipulating mankind.

They can access data of the past and with this knowledge they pretend to be the spirits of people who lived in the past, but also present past philosophies as new. 

Many who are captivated by them are devoid of religious knowledge on this topic.

The West are deceived easily as Christianity does not give any knowledge regarding the jinn.  

As for the East, despite the comprehensive knowledge shared by Muhammad (saw) they fail to duly evaluate this information and hence easily accept incorrect information. 


As a result:

The philosophy being established by the jinn today is a mixture of past and new philosophies:

Man is born, he grows, does good and bad, then dies, realizes his mistakes and suffers, then high level noble spirits reincarnate him and send him back to the world with a new body, over and over again, until he reaches enlightenment… As for the evil spirits who are unable to leave earth, they constantly disturb the weak spirits and possess them!

While all of this taking place, god, who is named Allah, sits somewhere far in space and observes it all!


Those who don’t know about the realities of the afterlife, who are deprived of religious culture and philosophy are easily deceived by such absurd notions.

In short: 

Life after death continues in two ways until Doomsday. The first is the life of the grave, and the second is an unrestrained life where the spirit is free to roam around as it likes. Every person that dies moves onto either one of these lifestyles.

The life of the grave is for those who reject and refuse the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw) and the general population of Muslims.

The second level, the unrestrained life, is for those who fought in the way of Allah and reached the mystery of “dying before death” and the station of divine closeness. These people have died to themselves, their identity, before the death of their physical bodies. They overcame their bodily desires and the conditionings of the bodily life and hence when they physically experienced death, they became free of the restraints of the body, and able to live freely until doomsday.

They can interact with one another, and even intervene in worldly affairs, if necessary, such as taking part in various combats. 

This is a very comprehensive topic, enough to be a book on its own.

To sum up, the word jinn, which means “creatures that are not perceivable by the five senses of humans” have, in every century, found various ways to deceive humans and take them under their control. They are also known as the Satan. 

The only way to protect oneself against their deception is through KNOWLEDGE!

[1] Quran 23: 99-100

[2] Quran 3:169

[3] Quran 38:41 – 23:97-98 – 37:7

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