38. Saad

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Saad... The Quran which is the reminder of your essential reality!

2. Look at those who deny the knowledge of the reality, yet think they are esteemed, how they are disconnected from the Truth!

3. How many a generation We have destroyed before them while they called out in agony! But it was not possible for them to escape!

4. Those who deny the knowledge of the reality are surprised that a warner has come to them from among themselves and say, “This is a magician and a liar.”

5. “Has he reduced our gods to one god? This is a strange thing indeed!”

6. Their leaders walked on saying, “Continue and remain constant to your gods! For this is how it should be!”

7. “We have not heard this from the previous people! This (concept of non-duality and oneness) is but a fabrication!”

8. “Was the remembrance (dhikr) disclosed to him out of all of us?” No! They are in doubt of My remembrance (Me reminding them of their essence)! No, they have not yet tasted My punishment (death; the means to realizing the Truth)!

9. Or are the treasures (blessings) of your Rabb, the Aziz, the Wahhab, with them?

10. Or is the sovereignty of the heavens, the earth and everything between them theirs? If that is what they think then let them form the causes and rise (and see what they will gain)!

11. They are but defeated soldiers, remnants of those who are joined in disbelief.

12. Before them, the people of Noah, Aad (the people of Hud) and Pharaoh the owner of (mansions built upon) columns denied.

13. And Thamud (the people of Salih), the people of Lot (those who were destroyed by their bodily desires) and the people of the thicket (the people of Shuayb)... They were people who were joined in disbelief!

14. All of them denied the Rasuls... Thus, they deserved the wretched consequence of their deeds!

15. They only await a single cry (death) for which there is never delay...

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