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After parting from the small town where I live in the US and giving conferences throughout London, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen, Dusseldorf and Amsterdam, I have been blessed with the opportunity to take some time off in Turkey, and spend Ramadan here with my friends. I am thankful to the One who has bestowed on me this opportunity…

My intention for hosting these conferences, the last of which I will be conducting tomorrow, is not to teach you something; for I am sure there are among you people who are more knowledgeable then myself, but to assist you to view things from a different perspective, and help you realize you are not limited to your present perception.

My favorite verses in the Quran are those that are seemingly contradictory. For it is these verses that contain the biggest secrets! As soon as I read a verse that seems contrary to my conditioned mind I know out of experience it contains many hidden secrets, so I dive right into it!

If we want to gain a serious, consistent and logically complete understanding of the Quran and recognize it for the treasure chest of secrets it is, then we must evaluate the knowledge it contains with consistency and logic.

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 01:27 First, I'd like to tell you a story I've just remembered. I had shared it with my website readers before. I have heard that people like stories. Anyway, our friends are angry at me. They say 'we have no time for stories, tell us the details of the subject', but they must indulge me for a moment.

06:14 We have already mentioned widely that although the meanings of all prayers and dhikr in our book 'The Power of Prayer' are not known or are read without believing, they will be of great use. It's just a way of operating a mechanism and its realization has nothing do with faith or a god up in the sky someplace over there.

08:29 For example, when reading the chapter al-Ikhlas if one perceives it as dual relationship between a God and His servant, rather than the Absolute Oneness and Unity delineated by these verses, this shows an inadequacy of a holistic approach and logical completeness.

11:54 Also, without thinking, by way of imitating, you say: 'This is from our god and all of it is true' and you live at the point of accepting it without thinking. But, what you are asked for is to evaluate the Quran with your wisdom and put forward your ideas, to realize what is being aimed at by way of giving examples.

13:34 Now let's look at the second and the most important point of this subject. Words are repeated in the brain as a result of visual perception and then the sound is produced by the voice system. Please do try to understand this part very well...

16:14 Let's start with the first ayats of Surah Al-Baqarah which comes after Surah Al-Fatiha. As much as we can understand, with an interpretation from our window...

18:57 Now let us have a look at the meaning of the Ayat al-Qursi, the popular verse generally read for protection… According to my understanding, the Ayat al-Qursi reveals the various stations and levels of the names and attributes of Allah manifested on man. It begins from the station of absolute essence of Oneness (Ahadiyyah) the essential reality of man, and delineates all of the various stations up until the physical body…

34:17 Yes, my friends.. There are so many verses that must be thought about deeply and dwelled upon.




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