The Jinn and Witchcraft

At the root of necromancy, and all such nonsense, lies the “Science of Huddam” – commonly known as ‘jinn dealing’…

Jinn dealing, an ancient concept especially in the region of Anatolia, is simply a technique of using the jinn as servants. 

Some prayers have beings assigned to it who act as servants to that particular prayer assigned to it. They are known as the ‘hadim’ or the helpers of that prayer. 

If someone sits down and repeats a certain prayer a specific number of times, a jinn appears in front of him. If the person makes a wish from the jinn without getting frightened of it, his wish will be granted immediately. 

Or, if he wishes for the jinn to be his servant, the jinn immediately becomes his servant. There is a lot of formula related to this. 

In the past there were books filled with such formulas, the most famous one being “Kanzul Hawas” (The Book of Hidden Sciences) …

However, it is important to note that there is a big difference between the science of Huddam and necromancy.

The difference is:

Necromancy is a game whereby the individuals who deal with it will always be toyed around by the jinn with whom they get in touch with. Like a rabbit fallen prey into the hands of a lion, the jinn will play with them as they like, and they can never be aware of this situation. 

The science of Huddam, on the other hand, is a technique whereby the individual takes the jinn completely under his control and makes him do whatever he pleases, provided the formula is applied fully and correctly. He may even use the jinn to kill someone, for if the jinn who is possessed by the human does not obey the commands, he suffers greatly. 

Therefore, this science offers absolute advantage humans, when compared to the other system.

Hence the science of Huddam, known only to a few, is much superior to necromancy. Because here the human takes the jinn under his control, whereas in the case of necromancy, directing the jinn or having them do something is not possible.

Here it is also necessary to understand the following point very clearly…

If an individual commences the application of a certain formula of the science of Huddam, but then he doesn’t complete it out of fear or some other reason, this is the moment at which disaster will begin for him. 

The jinn whom he was trying to take under his control will now have an advantageous position and take the individual under his control instead. Now the person is possessed and ruled by the jinn and there’s nothing he can do about it. In the effort of gaining something better he loses what he already has. 

For this reason, one should either not mess with the formulas of the science of Huddam at all, or if he starts it, he must complete the process till the very end no matter what. 

As a matter of fact, the jinn will create disturbing noise and vision in order to prevent the formula from being fully applied. This can reach such scary extents that the person may feel like his house is being torn apart. Despite all of this he must keep his cool and persist on completing the formula…

As a matter of fact, the common misconception that one loses his mind when one engages in too much dhikr is based on this…

When one does dhikr without a guide and with knowledge of the formula, he inevitably generates a cipher, whereby the jinn that is connected to that cipher is automatically activated and able to possess the person. The person is neither aware of this situation, nor does he have the power to take the jinn under his control. He is now inescapably connected to the jinn…

This connection sometimes begins with hearing voices, either by ear or internally… Before this he may also smell different scents… Eventually he will begin to see the jinn in various forms and appearances. 

Now if such a person shares his experiences with others he is immediately labelled ‘crazy’ or as ‘having cracked it’ and generally taken to hospital. However medical science is completely helpless in this field. 

They will attempt to cure him using electro-shock, with no success!

Eventually the person will continue his life labelled as a ‘psycho’ or a ‘harmless lunatic’…

If, however such a person is lucky enough to encounter someone who is an expert in this field, it may be possible for him to recover despite his condition. 

Otherwise, they may never be cured from the state of delirium. 

There is a profession that has been practiced for centuries, by even the most primitive tribes and communities…

This profession is called ‘witchcraft’ and its product is called ‘black magic’…

The purpose of this profession is to take someone under control and make them do something against their will. Sometimes however, it is also practiced to cure the sick. 

Black magic has been prohibited by all the Nabi and Rasuls who taught religions based on the reality of Allah…

All religions have prohibited the practice of black magic.

The religion of Islam also states black magic is impermissible and those who deal with it (directly or indirectly) have gone astray and left the boundaries of Islam. 

The reason behind this prohibition is because one’s will power is restricted or taken away by force, which means they are no longer responsible for their actions. This is unacceptable. 

The practice of magic and witchcraft was most widespread during the time of Moses (pbuh). Precisely because magic was so widespread during that time, Moses (pbuh) fulfilled his duty by showing many miracles.

The essence and origin of witchcraft is based on the jinn…

Every single word in every verse contained in all of the sacred books and texts have 8 beings assigned to it as servants. 

That is, 8 servants have been assigned as servants to every word comprising the origin of all of the sacred books revealed throughout the ages. Four of these are considered superior and are of the category of “angels” while the other four are considered inferior and are from the category of the jinn.

Repeating these words, a certain number of times based on the calculations of the ‘Science of Abjad’ or reading these verses backwards would most certainly activate the jinn who are assigned as servants to these words and as a result, they will execute their effect on the people to whom they have been sent. 

As a matter of fact, witchcraft consists of the effects that are produced by repeating a word or a sentence a specific number of times.

The most powerful counter effect to break the spell of witchcraft that I can recommend is the protection prayer I have mentioned previously…

This prayer can be recited by three or more people who come together in the house of the person who is under the spell of black magic and repeated 300 or 500 times…

If they can do this for three consecutive days, then it would be more effective. While the prayer is being recited, the person who has been influenced by black magic also needs to repeat this prayer. 

Additionally, putting one’s right hand on the head of the subject while repeating the prayer makes it much more effective… 

Meanwhile, if a cup of water is placed in the middle and the prayers that are recited are blown into this cup then given to the subject to drink, it will be even more effective.

If an evil talisman is found either on the premises or on the subject, the most valid technique to neutralize this evil force is by placing it into acid, lemon juice or vinegar. 

In order for the black magic to be more effective, magicians check the astrological hours, i.e. the ‘hour of Venus’ or the ‘hour of Mars’ etc. Detailed information concerning what these hours are can be found in our book “The Human Enigma.”

Since witchcraft is not our main subject, I will only explain how it is achieved, without going into too much detail.

Today as science has revealed, the human brain radiates certain waves at every instant…

Let us share a passage from the daily newspaper Hurriyet to explain our argument better:


Los Angeles, (California) AP 

Evidence that the human body may serve as the antenna and generate the power needed to transmit thoughts over thousands of miles was reported yesterday by Russian and American scientists. 

Prof Dr. M. Kogan of the Popov Institute for the Study of radio Electronics and Communications in Moscow said the conclusions based on 1966 and 1967 experiments indicate thoughts may be conveyed by extremely long magnetic waves with crests ranging from twenty-five to one thousand miles apart. 

Kogan said in a paper given at a symposium on extra-sensory perception sponsored by the University of California at Los Angeles that ‘Telepathy via the electromagnetic field is possible in theory over any distance’. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Thelma Moss, Assistant Professor of Medical Psychology at the University of California told the symposium that through their experiments, they have obtained findings very similar to Dr. Kogan's. 

According to Kogan, the calculations indicate that the human body generates four to five times more the electrical current he thinks would be needed for long-distance telepathy.” 

As you can also see from this article the world of science has accepted the reality that the human brain continuously produces electromagnetic waves. 

Detailed information concerning the kind of waves produced by the human brain and the activities of the brain made for this purpose can be found in our book The Power of Prayer. 

 So, whenever an individual repeats a certain word or a group of words continuously, the electromagnetic waves that he radiates are transformed into a kind of chipper. In this way, he establishes some kind of contact with a jinn whose structure is close to that of the chipper. 

As a result of this contact, the electromagnetic waves whose structure is closest to that chipper affects that jinnWhenever these waves are arranged correctly, they can force the jinn concerned to do whatever the individual wants him to do. 

As they used to say in the past, if the individual goes on repeating this prayer and in spite of that, the jinn does not obey the order, then the jinn gets burned!’ 

Now, let us explain what this means: 

When one repeatedly says a certain word or groups of words, the electromagnetic waves that are radiated through his brain will force a jinn who is compatible with that wavelength to do whatever the person wishes. If the jinn does not comply, the electromagnetic power radiated by the person who repeats these words and prayers will eventually destroy the rays comprising the jinn, in other words, it will cause the jinn to burn.

This situation is very similar to a broadcast from a radio station transmitted at low frequency getting disturbed by the broadcast from another station transmitted at a more powerful frequency.

That is, the electromagnetic waves distributed by the high frequency radio station distort the waves of the low frequency radio station. In the same way, the electromagnetic waves produced by the individual engaged in such practices cause the jinn to die. 

Therefore, the jinn are forced to obey the orders of these individuals who, with the waves they produce through witchcraft, can burn them. 

I wonder if I have been able to explain…

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