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96 - Al-Alaq

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. READ with the Name of your Rabb (with the knowledge that comprises your being) who created.

  2. Created man from alaq (a clot of blood; genetic composition).

  3. READ! For your Rabb is Akram (most generous).

  4. Who taught (programmed the genes and the essential qualities) by the Pen.

  5. Taught man that which he knew not.

  6. No (it is not like what they think)! Indeed, man transgresses (pursues and indulges in his desires when he lives cocooned from his essence);

  7. Because he sees himself as self-sufficient (the veil of his ego makes him think he is not in need of the reality).

  8. Indeed, to your Rabb is the return!

  9. Did you see the one who prevents,

  10. A servant at prayer!

  11. Did you see (have a think)! What if he is living the reality?

  12. Or demands protection!

  13. Have a think! What if he denied (his essence) and turned away?

  14. Does he not know that Allah sees?

  15. No (it is not like what they think)! Indeed, if he does not desist, We will drag him by his forehead (brain)!

  16. A lying, mistaken (driven by corporeality) forehead (brain)!

  17. Then let him call his council!

  18. And We shall call the keepers of Hell (the degenerating forces of Fire)!

  19. No, do not! Do not obey him! Prostrate and draw near! (This is a verse of prostration.)

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