In this book, I have tried to share some of my research and observations with you.

We explored the first five verses of the Quran, the first revealed chapter and the first verses of chapter al-Baqarah, regarding the principles of protection (taqwa).

The accuracy of my understanding and construal is up to the judgment of the qualified… However, I shall be contented even if I’ve only been able to express the importance of approaching things with a broad view, free from narrow-mindedness.

Though I’m also aware that some self-acclaimed alleged ‘scholars’ of late may criticize my point of view and my attempts to evaluate things in light of science, it does not matter… They also constitute a place in this beautiful garden of life!

On the other hand, my advice to those who claim they don’t understand these topics is to continue practicing their salats, and to continue fasting, going to pilgrimage and giving charity (zakah). For, just as our lack of understanding of the molecular makeup of the food we consume does not prevent us from becoming nourished, not understanding the details of these practices will not prevent us from their benefits.

This is the age of advanced technology. Worldwide communication has reached profound levels and the propaganda against the truth has entered each household, whether we accept this or not. No one can get anywhere by forbidding and censoring. I believe all such restrictions are going to be overcome in the following years. So, if we want to serve future generations in the way of Muhammad (saw), we must interpret religious teachings in the light of science, in a way that addresses the intellect and logic. The path to serving Islam goes through the principle of “Do not make things difficult, make it easy, do not discourage, instead invite to love”.

Modern man is unaffected by and will only laugh at absurd statements such as, “This is so and you must accept it to be so otherwise you’re a disbeliever!”

If we sincerely want to serve in the way of Islam and help modern man and the new generation to understand these truths, we must address them from their own world, in their own language, and present things in a logical way without contradiction.

As an Islamic intellectual and a Sufi, I would be gratified to know I’ve been of benefit and apologize for any mistakes I may have made, may Allah guide us to the reality.

The absolute truth is that I confirm everything the servant and Rasul of Allah, Muhammad (saw) taught us and I dedicate myself to his service. May Allah be our Muin!



Ahmed Hulusi

17 September 1992


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