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The Universe Perceived By The Brain

What is a ‘meaning’ and how is it formed?

We must first understand well that nobody perceives the universe as it actually is. When one talks about the universe, they are actually referring to their ‘personalized’ universe, a relative world they perceive with their five senses.

The universe begins as pure energy and expands to infinite dimensions with its infinite wavelengths. Each of these wavelengths denotes a meaning. We may either say each wavelength is meaningful or that ‘meanings’ have been called ‘wavelengths’…

There are multiple universes all within each other, perceivable in their own dimension, yet an ‘unknown’ to others. The universe we all perceive with our common makeup is the universe of humans.

The universe of what is commonly referred to as ‘aliens’ in our day or in religious terminology the ‘jinn’ or ‘satan’ is also different.

Yet all of these different universes are based on our very limited five senses.

Science is unfortunately advancing in the wrong direction today. Rather than exploring the vastness of the universe, if they were to put their efforts into exploring the different wavelengths comprising the universes and developing tools for this purpose its benefit to mankind will be unfathomable.

If we can truly comprehend the fact that everything in the universe is made of these wavelengths, we will inevitably come to the realization that everything we perceive and not perceive in the universe is conscious, alive and meaningful.


“There is nothing that does not exalt (tasbih) Him with hamd (evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills)! But you do not perceive their functions!”[1]


In religious terminology, the conscious beings in these layers of existence have been termed ‘angels’ and the universal meanings and concepts have been referred to as the Names of Allah.

Everything that exists within all the multiple universes is nothing other than the perception of groups of meanings forming the universe in which they reside. In this sense, the meanings referred to as ‘angels’ carry out multiple functions based on the meanings they compose.

Thus, the angel Gabriel is a highly conscious being comprised of meanings such as Aleem, Basir, Fattah, Hakeem and Muhyi.

His function is to activate and open the chosen ones via the act of ‘squeezing’ and informing them of Allah’s universal system and values so they may be a guide to the people.

[1] Quran 17:44

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