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Why did Gabriel Squeeze?

What is the meaning of Gabriel’s act of squeezing Muhammad (saw)?

I had previously talked about how most religious explanations are metaphoric. Let’s see how the metaphor of ‘squeezing’ has been used with an example:

The Rasul of Allah (saw) says the following in regards to the state of the deceased in the grave:

“The grave squeezed him so much that his ribs were nearly going to intertwine… His agony reached the Throne, but man did not hear…”

The squeezing mentioned here is obviously not a physical squeezing of dirt and soil, but something totally different. It’s difficult to explain its meaning even today, let alone in those days…

But with the aid of Allah, I will try to explain to the best of my knowledge, as my purpose of creation is to clarify as much as possible the matters of religion.

As I explained in detail in the Mystery of Man, the human brain is programmed by radial beings of very high frequencies called ‘angels’ who are comprised of nur (light), thereby becoming able to manifest the Names of Allah as certain formulas.

Genetic data that we inherit is activated and expressed according to the capacity we’ve obtained through cosmic means enabling us with the mental skills with which we live.

Each brain cell is programmed with certain frequencies that carry specific meanings and thus gains new insights or leads to the expression of certain genetic data…

Actually, every thought we have, whether we express it or not, is a composition of the concepts referenced by the Names of Allah, which forms as a result of genetic and cosmic, i.e. angelic, effects!

Just as ‘mankind’ is comprised entirely of compositions of Names, so is the whole of existence; all that we perceive and all that we are unable to perceive, including the angels.

In this light, Gabriel is a Name composition that programs the brains of certain chosen individuals, due to the Names that are dominant in their makeup, enabling them to READ. That is, when Gabriel squeezed Muhammad (saw), he sent impulses of certain frequencies to his brain, such as Aleem, Basir, Hakeem, Fattah, Muhyi, etc., and thus instigated their manifestation. Essentially, these Names were already present in his makeup by birth, but their ratio in his composition weren’t sufficient to activate the Nabi quality. With the intervention of Gabriel, the ratio of these Names in his brain was increased to a capacity sufficient to manifest the message of the final Nabi.

This grand brain experience could only be defined by a person as the act of constricting, squeezing or tightening. So it was after this act of squeezing, the new insights resulting from the impulses sent to his brain, that Muhammad began to READ.


1. READ with the Name of your Rabb (with the knowledge that comprises your being) who created.

2. Created man from alaq (a clot of blood; genetic composition).

3. READ! For your Rabb is Akram (most generous).

4. Who taught (programmed the genes and the essential qualities) by the Pen.

5. Taught man that which he knew not.


What does ‘Pen’ mean?

If reading isn’t about literal reading, then what does this Pen symbolize?

Renowned Fahraddin Razi says the Pen is the intellect. The Rasul of Allah (saw) points to this with the hadith:

“Let it be known that Allah first created the Pen and commanded it, 'Write!' The Pen asked, 'What shall I write my Rabb?' He said, 'Write the destiny' … And the Pen wrote everything that happened and everything that shall happen…”

The Pen symbolizes the Perfect Man according to the Sufi intimates of reality. They call the intellect of the Perfect Man ‘the First Intellect’ and his spirit the ‘Spirit of Muhammad’… The Reality of Muhammad also points to this truth…

Let's also remember the verse:


Say, “Nothing will befall us except what Allah has prescribed for us!”[1]


Though it’s the Pen that writes, Allah attributes it to Himself, for the Pen exists with the existence of Allah… Just like the verse “And you threw not (the arrow) when you (illusory self; ego) threw, but it was Allah who threw!”[2]


The unity of existence is based on such verses.

In modern terms, the Pen that determines everything that has happened and shall happen can be called the cosmic consciousness. That is, the manifestation of the attribute of knowledge or pure consciousness!

This is what ‘taught man what he knew not’:


“And He taught (programmed) Adam (the name ‘Adam’ in the Quran references every single human, who in reality is nonexistent and has been created from a state of nothingness through the manifestation of a composition of Names) all of the Names (all knowledge pertaining to the Names and their manifestation). Then said to the angels, ‘Explain the (qualities of the) Names of (Adam’s) existence, if you insist on your claim.’”


No doubt, teaching Adam the Names is a reference to Adam manifesting the Names of Allah. However, all of these Names are present in man’s creation as a composition, some of which are more dominant and some of which are less… The expression “BismiRabbik” (in the name of the Rabb, the Names that comprise one’s essence) refers to the presence of these Names in one’s makeup.

[1] Quran 9:51

[2] Quran 8:17

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